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Red is here, where is red?

Red is here, where is red?

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It's easy to play with the colors of your child - we give you some idea.

Play with colors

Try out some of the super and useful games below - Walk around the house to collect some color stuff. What is Red? Button, soap dish, socks. After that another color follows.- Let's make a cardboard cardboard domain. Let's spread them out with colored faces and put one in the middle of the starting page. The child should select the two matching colors to the right and to the left. We keep going until the pages run out. Initially, there are a few pieces before the basic colors, and you can add new colors to the package later. Put the buttons together in a heap and roll them up. Let's name the color and lose that button on the heap. Don't give it to the baby, let's pick it for you. Let's group our colored buttons on the end.- Draw apple, lemon, plum on a sheet. The task of the small child is to put the appropriate color button on the picture. Surprise: there is a yellow apple! Let's show him something, and let's not forget about his consumption. At school, it is interesting and developmental if only three children have a basic color: when combined, they seem to be almost complete. It enhances creativity, fantasy, the power of creation, and the true meaning and color of color. by the age of three, children recognize and name the colors, they can also make a difference between shades. If a parent finds that their child is mixing colors, recognizing them inaccurately, or being unable to make a difference between shades, it is worth contacting a specialist, as they may be suspected of losing their vocabulary.
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