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Breastfeeding: tips to make sure you do not forget which breast to come

Breastfeeding: tips to make sure you do not forget which breast to come

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It is easy for a mother to forget between breastfeeding and which breast to feed her baby the next time. We give you some tips!

Use some simple tracer after breastfeeding

We can use the bra pennies reminder: put a ribbon, hair clip, secure or any other item on the side of our bra that has recently been breastfeeded. Just remember to put it on the site after feeding! karkцtхt which can also be replaced by the above principle after breastfeeding in our arms. Choose a bracelet that is soft, comfortable, and easy to remove and wear. If we have an older child, we can make special bracelets (or ask them to make a piece of jewelry for each other) so that what we wear is much more personal. hair band we can also use it for this purpose. Or why not put in a special purpose for a reminder gyыrыt? Leave the hand that has recently breastfeeded on our side of the breast, so it won't be a problem for a few people to choose which breast is "serial" right now. Is there a place where we always breastfeed? If so, leave us one emlйkeztetхt! It could be a note or an item that alerts us to this. For example, put the buff cloth on the armchair. If we do it on a regular basis, we will almost never have to pay attention to it in a while, so we will be so alone in our operations.But if we are a very modern mom, breastfeeding appliqué! If you are looking for a great deal, choose the one that suits you best (via) Also worth reading:
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