So you eat that makes your child sleep better

So you eat that makes your child sleep better

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Even when a mother has to flush her eyes to stay awake with her fetus, the little ones can spin with creepy energy. Surprisingly, some meals can help you fall asleep and improve your child's sleep quality.

You can make some food easier to eat, such as what you give her before going to bed. You can help the process with a few simple meals. Come on in and try out our tips tonight.

1. Banbn

It has melatonin and serotonin calming effects in bananas. There is also magnesium in the banana, which relaxes the muscles and helps the baby to fall asleep quickly. Incidentally, bananas are loved by the majority of children. The banana's textures are also appealing to children who are just hanging out. You can eat bananas in many ways, including desserts and fruits, and you can try and mix them with other foods.

2. Warm milk

Milk is an important food for children. Warm milk is rich in calcium and an amino acid called tryptophan. The tryptophan has a calming effect that aids in relaxation and peaceful sleep. The rich calcium content of milk, in turn, promotes tryptophan activity. Most kids enjoy warm milk before going to bed. The age of the child naturally influences the use of milk: do not give her milk before the age of one.

3. Yogurt

Did you know that yogurt also helps you fall asleep? Yes, mixing yogurt with oatmeal or boiled rice will not only help your child to fall asleep, but will also have a beneficial effect on digestion. Not to mention that yogurt contains high amounts of calcium and phosphorus, which is very important for bone development.No yogurt that contains added sugar, it is best to make it yourself at home.

4. Oatmeal

Oats facilitate the production of melatonin, which has a mild soothing effect. Blended with warm milk or banana gives an effective combination to help your child fall asleep more easily. Oats are also very healthy foods with high quality ingredients. The most important thing is that your child does not lie down badly. A full stomach, well-being helps sleep. The above foods are quickly absorbed, making it easier for you to sleep, and even helping your baby sleep longer (article source)
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