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Handmade by Yoda, end of nose and disinfection. Let's see the latest news!

No chance for bacteria!

The delicate period of childhood, and even if we do not need to exaggerate these years, is a good use of this infectious body, which does not require you to think that a dose of soap is on our hands and a small amount of liquid soap is added to it. You can disinfect the little hands dirty in the sandbox in no time at the onset of play. And when you come to the little baby, you can ask this baby to wash the five dusts from your hands.

Fewer detergents, more efficient staining

I think moms could get a doctorate in patches in a couple of years. Adding nutrition and playground crayons can put the young parents with small children first. The New Dosia is now more economical, as smaller batches clean clothes efficiently.

End time

Let's break a bit from the Sikamik and the Household for the love of this wonderfully spotted eagle. Larger ones can be really happy with such a piece, and can be a great start for serious guys and grandstands. Fortunately, the boys were also thought of with this beautiful flying piece.

Monthly web site

There are times when we find the right things on the Internet. You can't buy them at home, but maybe you can't order them from abroad, you don't even have a custom pattern, a duplicate, but they are just right. This month's winner is this knit Yoda. If you want to start production again, get the information to our editorial board right away! In the meantime, let the Power be with you!


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