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5 Wonderful Things From The Third Trimester

5 Wonderful Things From The Third Trimester

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It's almost time for you to give birth, and while you're carrying the burden of sweetness, fantastic things happen to the baby in the womb! Let's see some of these!

Rapid hustle

The baby to be born is already fully developed during this period, so it looks like a "currency" guy, even though he is skinny. In the last few months, the tone is on the floor! They bring about 20-25 decks a week.What happens in the third trimester?

Practicing Breathing

Even though the little one gets the necessary oxygen through the pad and the cord, he is practicing breathing as much as possible after the birth. At the moment of birth, the operation of your newborn circulatory system is drastically changing for the first time!


From the second trimester on, fetuses are already able to detect light, but from the 28th week they can blink, so they open their eyes regularly. However, the pigmented part of the eyes - which gives the color of the eyes - continues to develop after birth, so most babies have red-gray eyes.

Smile (and peeing)

The taste of amniotic fluid varies according to the type of food the mother consumes - that is, you can shape your baby's licking in the womb, as she will become accustomed to and fond of the kinds of water she meets more often. And she swallows the swallowed amniotic fluid and, of course, pisses it off, practicing this very important skill below!


The recording of sounds from the world starts by week 18, but by the third trimester it will be much more advanced. Not only can you hear your voice, but you can react too! So feel free to talk or sing to her, but if you find it a bit strange, just read her out of your book! (Via)Also worth reading:
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