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What if you go to community?

What if you go to community?

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Coming together is a big change, not only for the little ones, but for the whole family. We can count more illnesses, stronger emotional manifestations.

It can be expected that the child will be much more sick from now on, but this is perfectly normal. In a sheltered family environment, the body encounters far fewer newcomers than children. However, the immune system will eventually get stronger. If you start wickedly, you can count on the fact that the oviboul will not be so much down. And after the infinite failures of the small group, we can count on much calmer and large group years.

There are many things that change when a child goes to kindergarten

It is common for children to be particularly happy in the first few years, as this is important for them to spend time outdoors and to play social games more intensely than before. We may also experience strange, less attractive changes. Often, a generous child suddenly seems envious and does not give his or her own toys to someone else - because in wisdom, kindergarten, everything must be shared. You might learn that by fighting, crappy words, you are killing yourself faster than trying to get it right and trying it out at home. Children who go to the community are more expensive because they are compelled to do so by their surroundings. They learn to dress alone, undress, wash their hands. They are much more predictable, as they quickly adapt to the rhythm of community, which always has games, eating, and sleeping. At the same time, the life of the whole family will be more regular and relaxed.

How will tomorrow be yesterday?

Pre-school children do not develop chronicles similar to those of adults. That is why the sapling is so immersed in the games, that is why you do not understand why you should hurry somewhere. Half dead, ten minutes away - that doesn't mean anything. However, you can expect to be well-rounded in the time of day, inquiring about the days and the seasons. We can practice this with songs, sayings, tales. Let's create a calendar for the refrigerator: just write the days of the week on a sheet, maybe make each one unique with a color, a little picture. Every day, the same days are repeated weekly. Connect the time of day to get-togethers, making it easier for you to understand that before lunch is due, lunch is after lunch. It is harder to understand the concepts of yesterday and tomorrow. Look for interesting events from the past and the days before. You certainly remember them yesterday and then yesterday - so we can explain how tomorrow turned out to be yesterday.
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