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Mummy-moon - Mom goes on vacation

Mummy-moon - Mom goes on vacation

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There was a new phenomenon in the world. And this is mummy-moon, which is nothing more than a "vacation" for exhausted moms while babies are watched by dad, grandmother or babysitter.

Mummy-moon - Mom goes on vacation

What's the Mummy-moon Room?

The term is clearly derived from the English honeymoon, which is obviously a sign that, like the honeymoon, everything about the promotion and the completely off szуl. Mummy-moon, though only the moms gowhile aiming to relax the patents of child-rearing and to replenish their energy stores. This could be a two-day vacation, or even a two-week outdoor vacation. The main thing is that during this time, the kids are taken care of by the dad, grandparents or babysitter, so the mothers You can enjoy it the charge and all the rewards of freedom. In the world, more and more travel agencies are offering such thematic trips, and inquiries are growing.

Who needs it?

For any mother who has ever felt like running out of the world, if she has to lead a hysterical, or if she has to sleep for a day or two. Have you ever happened to just put the little thing on the toilet as a "big deal" to be alone for a little while? Even if you think about how you can spend some time, exclusively for yourself without the kids. This is not a genius and you do not need to be guilty of it, because mothers are not robots, but human beings with natural needs and natural liberty.
"I needed this break as much as the desert rain. My friend and I had a two-day adventure, and in the car I had the reverie I could not hear. chanting loudly, and then stopped in a restaurant, where I could finally have my lunch and my hot (not cool!) cappuccino, and even eat it. I should have had one of my children. And every morning, I felt like I was completely reborn. I needed that for two days. There, the massage lying on the table, I apologized to my cubby member, my neglected body, for so many I thought I didn't deserve to deal with myself. For a minute I didn't regret coming to this walk. No, because damn it, I needed it and I really deserved it. "

Life does not end

"This is what woke me up to life does not end for me as a mother. And I didn't mean that it would end my life with children, but that my freedom and independence did not cease to exist. Absolutely normal for that we also have parents and needs. We want to have time for our hobby, or just for ourselves, and not something that should be considered as a hobby or an insecurity that we lose from our children. And I kept living in this faith until I completely missed it. I'll never let myself get to this point again. (…) Two days after shutting down, I was able to return to my center, being myself again and ready to put myself into the weekdays with renewed vigor. Did I feel like an oznz? Not a single drop. Of course, my kids missed me, really, and in the meantime, I realized how much I love my husband. When I got home, I kissed them back and forth. But, if I had the opportunity, I'd go again anytime. What's more, every mother is encouraged to do so, regardless of the fact that in the near future there will be no similar child-free vacation. Even for you, you owe it to yourself to give it a chance to recharge from time to time. For God's sake mom, now instead of buying another cute little one for your baby, pay for a 20 minute massage instead! It will be regrettable, believe me! "Source:
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