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Underestimate girls' pain than boys

Underestimate girls' pain than boys

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Adults, however, experience the magnitude of the pain a girl feels like a boy, and the pain is more likely to be perceived as smaller, according to an American psychological research study.

Because adults appreciate how much pain a little boy can feel like a little girl, they are more likely to feel that their boys feel more pain. This is clear from an examination conducted by Yale University psychologists. During the examination, adults were shown a video that took the finger of a five-year-old child, then asked the adults to assess how much they thought the intervention was a child. with the same child and the same pain reactions, but one group referred to the child as Samuelken, the other group referred to Samanthakin, meaning the child. Analyzing the answers it came out that the adults chose to have the boy go through more pain than the girl. Don't we take the pain of the girls too seriously? In the past, there have been many similar examinations, and it was also found that gender stereotypes influence how we deal with other pain, but even less evidence of this thinking has been found with children. "I remйljьk that will vйgeznek tovбbbi the eredmйnyeink hatбsбra kutatбsokat also a theme, йs felьlvizsgбljбk how befolyбsoljбk gender sztereotнpiбk the egйszsйgьgyi dцntйshozatalt. This hibбs gondolkodбsmуd because befolyбsolhatja to mikйnt diagnosztizбljбk йs treated patients pйldбul that will have the same fбjdalomcsillapнtбst are women like men, "he said Joshua Monrad, one of the lead authors of the study. The results of this study have been reported in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology (via) You may also be interested in:
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