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Do you have any? Then you may not be the mother of your child

Do you have any? Then you may not be the mother of your child

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Sounds frightening, but it's true: a mother was told by her DNA test that she wasn't the mother of her children.

Do you have any? Then you may not be the mother of your child

In the United States Lydia Fairchild who had two children and was just expecting a third, became unemployed, and therefore applied for social assistance. This also required a genetic test to prove that the parents of the children were seeking help. Fairchild and the father of the kids Jamie Townsend they also did the examinations. Then it turned out that Townsend was indeed the father, but not Fairchild's mother - recalled the 2002 case in the Index. Based on the DNA test, the powers thought of cheating, a crime, but that was not the case. Dr. Leonard Dreisbach but she remarked that she would be studying with the woman in the bush. Nobody could explain the shocking case very well. Almost a trace came to light of a previous case that showed a striking resemblance to Fairchild. Karen Keegan nevы 52 year old women waiting for kidney transplant. Adult sons have come forward as donors, but genetic tests have found that boys' DNA has nothing to do with their mother. Finally it turned out that he had chimeras. Chimera means that someone has double DNA. In turn, it is possible that twin twins are still connected in the womb, ie they are able to produce one fertilized egg. So two completely different DNA imprints are melted together. The same happened with Keegan and Faurchild. There are only 31 similar cases in the world. Fairchilds have been acquitted.
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