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7 Ways to Contact Your Baby Right Before Birth

7 Ways to Contact Your Baby Right Before Birth

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Particularly in the first child, despite the ultrasound and the increasing sensations of motion, it is not easy to see a baby growing inside. Here are some tips to consciously connect with your child as early as fetal age!

So you can get in touch with your baby at fetal age Source: iStock
  • Get a diary!

Every week, take a few minutes to write down the current changes, changes in how you felt, and what preconceptions you made about the arrival of your little one. You can even write these diary entries directly to your baby and, if you like, add photos of your growing tummy tucker.

  • Read to him!

The baby begins to hear external sounds around the 18th week of pregnancy. The more you hear your voice within, the better. Based on voice, you will know it after birth, and reading in the evening just creates a public program, a routine, and helps you calm down your voice.

  • Meditate, pray, or just be quiet!
Every day, take time for a little retreat and relaxation. And be alone with the baby. Lie down to meditation, or sit down comfortably, let yourself go, try to get into a deep, relaxed state. Meanwhile, have your baby present and communicate with them. Thank her for being here and tell her how much you love her.
In the case of religious mothers, prayer can likewise convey deep feelings to both your child and the supreme power. If, on the other hand, meditation and prayer are not your table, simply sit in silence and concentrate on your baby, free from all disturbing factors, from the lunar, to the smartphone.
  • Listen to music or sing!
We know for a while about music that it prevents stress and ensures good health. Why not take advantage of its positive effects right now? Listen to music whenever you can, but it's better to sing to the little one. It is often the case that a melody that you hear a lot during the womb can soothe your baby in the outdoors.
  • Kreatнvkodj!
Even if you are not really an DIY or a craftsman, you might want to think of a small project that you can have in your baby room. You don't have to think about the big thing, it's just that you make something for your baby, so it's really unique and personal. Get inspired on Pinterest and get involved in creativity.
  • Treat yourself!
Remember, if you feel good in your skin and balanced, so does your baby. That's why it might not be worthwhile to put in some extra pampering, whether you're a maternity massage, a sleeping sleeping, or a scanned Saturday sleeping. Do not make these little breaks lazy or guilty. In addition, research has shown that resting during pregnancy improves overall health.
  • Change your mind!
Your baby thinks you are the greatest thing in the world. And how right you are. Spend some time loving yourself as much as this little nun loves you. Appreciate yourself, appreciate, love your body, and admire it even in the mirror. Love creates positive feelings that return to the baby. (Via)