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What is Meconium?

What is Meconium?

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You may not sound familiar at first, but when you say fetal sting, you are sure to hear it. If you are still having a baby or having a baby, we will tell you why it is important that you know more about it.

Meconium, also known as tar baby, the baby's first birth. It is a greenish-black, sticky, tarry mass that is produced in the fetus's intestine while still in the womb. That's the fetal sting first days It can be 2-3 times or even after breastfeeding for the newborn. When this stuff was finally out, then the baby's emoji starts, which, together with the color of the petite, changes its smell and color significantly.

If the fetal sting is not out there…

The fetal jug is made up of swallowed fetal water and the digestible tissue pieces, leaf cells, spleen cells, bile dyes, and parietal tissues contained therein. While the fetus is in the womb, external factors may exacerbate the movement of the mind and, at the same time, relax the final muscle. This in turn can result in a fetal sting in the amniotic fluid. In this case, the amniotic fluid and fetal tar and dense green liquids form.If we are lucky, this may be revealed in the ambulatory examination of amniotic fluid. Most of the time, however, you will notice when you are in the thick of events when the fetal water begins to flow. In this case, we know that something is wrong, that the losing fluid is not clear and clear, but confused and tiny, unidentifiable things. If you experience this, call your doctor immediately. This is because the fetal sting in the womb may indicate that the baby may have something wrong. In most cases, the condition can cause premature fetal abnormalities, which may be intermittent or may lead to permanent oxygen deficiency. But it may also be due to early childbirth, low birth weight, problems with the genital tract, or underdevelopment of the uterus.

If the water is cloudy…

If you are ready for home birth but are confused about your baby's fetus, you should choose a baby in the hospital! This you serve your comfort, because in this case you have to be very careful with the baby after birth. If fetal prick gets in the fetal water, then the baby's nose and mouth should be cleaned after birth, because if the baby has an inhaled fetal nerve, it can cause a great deal of fetal loss. lйgutakban. In this case, the lung or a part of it may become too large. Therefore, it is important that the baby swallow the mechani- cal amniotic fluid in specialist hands!
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