The little treasures of life make you really happy to enjoy them better!

The little treasures of life make you really happy to enjoy them better!

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It may seem that the tiny moments of life are not great, but according to recent research, it is worthwhile to consciously live these moments.

The Greatest Paradox of Parenthood: The results of research show that educating and caring for the youngest is under stress in the city, and seriously undermines your household, while at the same time you have unparalleled experience in height. But is that possible? According to an article in the 2015 American Journal of Personal Relationships, small, seemingly insignificant moments in awareness and full awakening lies. This increases our emotional "health" and our overall level of earning. And now you have to think about very small things! Here is a little parenting about these sweet moments: "After the evening's fairy tale and the milk and milk, my little boy goes to brush his teeth. (Sarah N. is the mother of a 20-month-old baby boy) "My baby always turns before me, and turns around and looks at me with a grin and a grin on my face so I can catch it now. (Sari D., mother of a 14-month-old baby)

That's why the moments that seem insignificant are important

"These repetitive little moments strengthen the bond and closeness of the parent-child, not just and exclusively, the great memorable events," he says. dr. Maryam Abdullah leader of the University of California's parent program. "If we stop and notice these in the currency, we can recharge and continue our day with renewed power" - he explains dr. Daniela Montalto pszicholуgus. "They help us stay on the path we set out to bring up happy, healthy children."The little treasures of life make me really happy

So kill them more consciously

"These little wonderful moments are almost imperceptible parts of our lives. Kids sometimes ask funny things or make surprisingly smart comments," he says. dr. Gayle Schrier Smith a pediatrician who, over several decades of track and field experience, those parents who can consciously take care not to organize themselves seem to be missing and alive these everyday moments"Therefore, when a family has another child, I always ask the parents: What will you have to give up now? If we don't leave time consciously, then we simply won't have the capacity to take the older child to a 20 minute walk we have time to cook dinner every day or skip the baby a couple of times. "However, if the tempo is not so stressful, we will not have every minute, we will be less stressed and we will have two minutes to remember". and summarize the day. "How many times have we been able to survive this moment? Then we might realize how cute our baby was as she ran up to us and overtook us. Let's put some blame on these moments, "he says dr. Smith. "As we practice these things, we realize that it is becoming more and more common for us to take a moment to notice and live these awesome moments. These will make our lives happier overall. "More articles on maternity, happiness:


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