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Baby Bottle Arrives - Will It Be Healthy?

Baby Bottle Arrives - Will It Be Healthy?

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Louise Brown, the first flask in the world this year, will be 34 years old. He is a healthy, happy young woman, and he doesn't seem to be the first person in the world to start his life right away. It could even be the advertising brand for the method. But they are more and more

But there are more and more people who say that the picture is not so stubborn, and that the risks should be called to the attention of prospective mothers. The bear experts do not like to talk about side effects. The method is safe and effective, and in most cases it is right. Whoever wants a kid will usually not be deterred by a couple of risks, and why the scare. But there are more and more who say that whatever the risk of a mother or child being harmed during the operation, people need to be aware of the risk to be responsible. Doctors are aware that maternal health may be compromised during hormone treatment. Stimulation of the ovaries doubles the incidence of ovarian cancer in women undergoing infertility treatment and is also higher in certain breast types. However, a woman who is a child is not interested. It is much better to hear that the health of the unborn baby can be damaged during the procedure.
Mielхtt megrйmьlne bбrki, szцgezzьk down the lombikbabбk jelentхs rйsze makkegйszsйges, йs szьleiknek not aggуdniuk Why can, бm the hosszъ tбvъ hatбsokat just kezdjьk know, йs the legtцbb kutatбs eredmйnye is that certainly the lombikbabбk prone nйhбny betegsйgre as termйszetes ъton conceived tбrsaik. They are, from the beginning, deafer. Thirty percent more has the potential to be born with congenital malformations such as palsy, heart failure, and greater risk. But they can get in trouble sooner or later. According to a French study, the risk of childhood leukemia is twice as high for babies whose mothers have taken ovarian stimulating medicines before conception. And, according to an American study, depression and hyperactivity are twice as common in domestic foxes between 18 and 26 years.
Mostly, the ICSI procedure, which involves the direct injection of a single human germ cell into the egg, is criticized, excluding the possibility of natural selection. The procedure is effective, and most babies conceived are acornically healthy - but according to a Danish study, the sperm count of procedure-born babies is lower than that of their contemporaries.
Analyzing the data makes it difficult to tell what is wrong with the flask method and what is not. Many believe that the problem is that older women tend to take part in the infertility treatment, their eggs are often depleted, and in fact, this causes a lot of trouble. Another stress factor is the stress conceived by such pregnancies.
Others blame cesarean section, which usually prematurely puppies, so they are less likely to give birth than ordinary children. Low weight, in itself, is a risk factor that increases the risk of developing obesity, diabetes and high blood pressure. However, the research is not over, and researchers are currently working on a database that includes data from all flasks born in Europe to see if we have a reason to worry about flasks after analyzing statistical data.