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Funny Bible Study

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Get over the ABC songs! These games will be much more fun with letter learning.

There is also a more exciting way to learn ABC

Great ideas that you can easily master at home.

ABC car

You can greatly benefit from the collection of small cars. Stick a piece of paper on top of each of the letters in the ABC before it. Your child has nothing else to do sort them out. You can sing the ABC song in the middle as well as point to the right car.

ABC Legу

You can also use your favorite cube for parenting. Draw small letters on Legу size labels, and then stick them on one side of the cube. Mix the cubes well, Legou-enthusiastic children have the same letters will have to put it together.

Alphabet wing

The wing recycled in full: You will need a blank pop-up box and fresh water caps to prepare. Name the ABCs on the caps to feed your child in a row. Best of all, you don't even have to pack after playing, because the monster is doing the work for you.

ABC train

Csihuhъъъ. This train is very special, and you have to put the wheels of your child on the train cars, with all the wheels in the right place. If you want to resent it, then write small letters on wheels, large letters on train cars.

The ABC apple tree

All kids love the sticker games. Your child should stick the red apples in the right place on the tree. If you're done with the games, reward yourself with a real apple!


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