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With the help of yoga, you can overcome depression

With the help of yoga, you can overcome depression

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There is a focal point meditation, the Sudarshan Kriya Yoga, which has helped treat the symptoms of severe depression, even in cases where treatment with antidepressants has failed.

With the help of yoga, you can overcome depression

A study by the University of Pennsylvania looked at the effects of yoga on patients with severe depression. Research is also important because 41 million Americans are currently taking some form of antidepressant, but more than half of their bodies are unresponsive to treatment. In addition to the medicine in such cases for additional treatments they are also needed, but often they do not achieve the desired effect. Side effects are also common. "In our randomized study, we have seen significant positive changes in patients with severe depression, who have undergone special treatment," Anup Sharma. After two months, the depression symptoms of the juvenile group - classified by specialists on the basis of the HDRS scale (a tool for the evaluation of depressed patients) - decreased significantly, whereas the control group did not cease to change. for medication, it is important to find alternative or complementary therapies that alleviate suffering, "Sharma said. Sudarshan Kriya one such it creates a powerful meditative state, which helps to calm the nervous system and overcome stress hormones, significantly relieves the symptoms of depression. Cost-effective, and patients over time are they can practice at home the method.Baby Room: Postpartum depression may occur after childbirth. Yoga, yoga can help you overcome depression, tension, and anxiety. Meditation soothes and reduces symptoms. If you are depressed, depressed, or have anxiety, it is worth asking for help.


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