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That is why there should be a drug for men and women

That is why there should be a drug for men and women

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There are some important differences between men and women at the level of biology, which makes it especially important to test different drugs and medicines for men.

That is why there should be a drug for men and women

For example, women do about a thousand steps less than men (4908, compared to 5982 for men), so they are more likely to develop type 2 diabetes at the University of Stanford. 120 grams, while men's 180 and their size are counterbalanced by thicker drumming, the woman's heart: while the man's heart beats 70-72 per minute, in the case of women it is between 78-82. bears pain like a man, but this is an apology: women feel pain 30 seconds earlierLike men, we shave it for shorter periods of time.Although it does not blink, the eyes function properly, but in women, there are 480 more blinkers than in men. That's why, in cartoons, draw female characters with dense, long, often wobbly eyes. A woman smells and smells better, and needs 20 minutes more sleep than a man. But the reason for all this, experts say not purely biological, but you also find that classic women's activities and multitasking are much more crippling than ordinary men's everyday activities.
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