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Even today, we do not know exactly all the causes leading to premature birth, but it is a fact that in recent years there has been a great deal of knowledge about this issue. Therefore, it has also become clearer what we need to do to avoid it.


Most mothers know and appreciate the immense responsibility of bringing new life to the world. We are really responsible for the moment we conceive, but since you are expecting a baby, it is almost a minute to think about it and take your interests into consideration. It is of course wondering whether, at any given moment, it is clear what the interests of the evolving trifle want. Fortunately, we do not rely solely on women's perceptions and urges in deciding this, but also on the recommendations of the obstetrician, nurse, nurse and other health professionals.

More about the process

In Hungary today every ninth child She is born immediately between the 24th and the 37th week of pregnancy. This high rate (8.4 percentage points) is even more alarming, given that the European average for early births is around 6 percent, and even less than 4 percent in the Scandinavian countries. It is true that short-term transitions in smallness have improved significantly since the mid-1990s, but long-term data are less favorable. Especially when we are not counting the mere survival, but counting the wholesome, formerly born babies. they undergo a lot of interventions and examinations, and in the meantime, their mother and, unfortunately, very often, they have to be breastfed. The problйma mбsik side to all this is the egйszsйgьgy rendkнvьl szбmбra kцltsйges a baby koraszьlцtt megmentйse, gyуgyнtбsa, mйhen kнvьli "nцvesztйse" бllapotбnak sъlyossбgбtуl the fertхzйsektхl йs egyйb szцvхdmйnyektхl fьggхen HUF milliу tцbb rъghat.A koraszьlйs gyakorisбga csцkkent gradually until 1995. 7 4 quarters. In 1990 it was 8.9 percent, but since 1995 it has been gradually increasing. But with so many "good" things to say, we know much more today about the process leading to premature birth. Thirty years ago, many abortions, poverty, lack of hygiene, and the role of smoking were mentioned first, and nowadays we know that the majority of pre-term infants maternal stress causes. However, we express not only the ordinary meaning of our subject, but also the processes and bodily events that increase the level of stress hormones in the maternal body. fertхzйsek here are those that make the organization healthy. Such effects can be, for example, the purulent tooth root, that neglected tooth disease, chronic renal pelvic inflammation. We should not forget the psychological stress no. The same kismamбk terhessйgi progesterone hormone kiegyensъlyozottak alapvetхen nyugtatу hatбsбnak kцszцnhetхen, but if tъl many felkavarу, ijesztх, or szomorъ bosszantу esemйny tцrtйnik, the stress hormone begins to mennyisйge nхni, and this kцvetkeztйben tapasztalhatуk the kelletйnйl sыrыbben the mйhцsszehъzуdбsok.Az бllapota mother and the termйszetesen it also affects the fetus. Pregnant women who had higher levels of stress hormones in their blood at week 20 were more likely to become pregnant early in pregnancy than those with normal levels of stress hormones.

What does pregnancy care offer?

Baby tests are performed every third to detect certain types of infections. Such is the urine test that can help you (hopefully in time) determine if your mother is suffering from an infestation. The bacteriological examination of the vagina is also carried out every three months, which helps to determine if the baby has a bacterial vaginal infection. derьlt the utуbbi idхben also to the importance of conscientious fogбszati ​​ellenхrzйs. It is not just about inserting a tooth, but also removing a tooth, as bacteria that can play a role in the early stages of the circulation in the bloodstream can colonize it. prevention, it provides easy-to-follow routine examinations that are neither routinely performed nor performed on a patient, although they may be suitable for detecting problems that the current system does not.

What should your mother pay attention to?

  • Get pregnant examinations and see your doctor once a month.
  • Twice when baby is baby visit a dentist.
  • Avoid situations that can cause infections, such as having a sexual partner while pregnant, in a pool with long term strangers.
  • If you have a bacterial infection, do not take iron and vitamin supplements.
  • Avoid stressful situations! If you get tired, you feel overwhelmed with tasks, it is very important that you take a break and not continue your activities until you are calm.
  • Do not undergo vaginal discharge as this will interfere with normal bacterial fluoride, but care should be taken for daily cleansing.
  • Do not hasznбljon mыszбlas alsуnemыt йs nejlonborнtбsъ intimbetйteket.
  • Seek medical attention if

  • the vaginal flow is said to be abundant, with a bad odor;
  • genital itch, hips, bunnies;
  • blemishes are common and uncomfortable;
  • if vaginal bleeding occurs;
  • if previously unfamiliar, feels painful;
  • if you have a stinging, stinging sensation during peeing, or need to pee more frequently than usual.
  • What can a doctor do?

    During regular examinations: hьvelyvбladйk Changing average odor calls the doctor's attention to the need for bacteriological examination. If necessary, the results are used to treat the infection. However, it is also important to know that infections that are dangerous to the fetus do not always cause the appearance of manifest symptoms, which is why it is so difficult. That is why they are looking for test methods all over the world that are able to indicate problems in a timely manner, even for those who are not in the early stage of risk (for example, due to an earlier or previous period). cunts are longer ultrasound testing could also be possible, but this is still not widespread in us (the cervix begins to shorten with the onset of birth). It would be a simple and inexpensive solution to measure the change in the vaginal appearance with a simple indicator paper. The chemistry changes from acid to alkaline in bacterial vaginal infections. It is not easy to do because it is almost impossible to get an indicator paper.If a baby has regular moles, medication can help stop the process, but the causes that lead to premature birth are more accurate. He counted on him every day what he could spend inside.Our specialist: dr. Miklós Túrkok, professor, head of department, Hungarian Center for PhysiotherapyFor decades, he has been concerned with asking for early birth control. Specialists have developed CTGs for soft tissue and fetal tone that allow the mother to obtain data at home, on a regular basis, over a longer period of time, and on the Internet. . The eljбrбs veszйlytelen, anyakнmйlх (do not often bejбrni the kуrhбzba йs vбrakozni the vizsgбlatra) olcsу йs kцltsйgcsцkkentх the same time, бm szйleskцrы alkalmazбsбra has not kerьlt sor.Sajбt pбciensei kцrйben its ellenйre that many high kockбzatъnak minхsнthetх (pйldбul twins vбrу or krуnikus betegsйgben szenvedх) mother turns hozzб, the Hungarian бtlagnбl lower koraszьlйsi arбny. It is estimated that, according to the current state of medicine, half of all premature babies could be prevented by appropriate care.Related articles:
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