The danger of premature birth can be recognized in time

The danger of premature birth can be recognized in time

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In Hungary, the average of Western Europeans is higher than the rate of early-childhood. What is the reason that prevention is always in their shoes, and what is most important?

The danger of premature birth can be recognized in time

- Unfortunately, in our country the practice of early diagnosis and treatment is far below the world standard. It is not possible to prevent premature birth with certainty, but the risk can be recognized in time and handle it effectively, which significantly improves your baby's life expectancy - we learned dr. Csermely Gyulbolt, the Rozhakert Medical Center in Middlesbrough. He added that in early childhood, there was a recent development in medicine in medicine. It is not possible to prevent premature birth, but there are excellent diagnostic and treatment options available that can do a great deal for a baby who is "premature". This is not the only area where old methods of obsolescence dominate, which are meaningless and even dangerous.

Risk recognition

One of the secrets of prevention is to thoroughly question the patient so that the physician can account for the risk factors. Although the exact cause of premature birth is not clear, there are factors that increase risk, so these are all worth paying attention to. Typically, twin pregnancies, previous surgical intervention on the calf, developmental abnormalities in the uterus, or premature birth have occurred in the past. But you have to emlнteni the йletmуdbeli tйnyezхket, the dohбnyzбst, alcohol йs drogfogyasztбst and йdesanya tъl small or large tъl testsъlyбt.Az orvostudomбny fejlхdйsйnek kцszцnhetхen you have already today the most important hьvelyi ultrahangvizsgбlat eszkцz the felismerйsben as segнtsйgйvel kimutathatу the mйhszбjtбgulбs or artificial obesity, these are signs of premature birth. If the center is 1.5 centimeters longer and has a closure, the risk of premature birth within a week is even lower. which is the most effective method of early birth prediction, unfortunately, few people in our country know and apply it. Fetal fibronectin is a type of adhesive found in the cervix between the flank and the cervix. The amount of this is measured during the examination. If you are below 50 nanograms / milliliter after Week 22, you may be talking about a low risk pregnancy, but if you do increase its value, you have to suspect a premature birth.

Magnesium can be good

Dr. Gyula Csermely emphasized: - The available treatment methods do not treat the cause of premature birth, but the symptoms. Unfortunately, in our country, many women give birth to magnesium or baby bedding, if the risk of premature birth is noticeable. Professional protocols, however today I would not recommend these, because they are ineffective and even dangerous. Magnesium, for example, can cause side effects for the mother and the child (tachycardia, flat, heartburn), and even more so when given with the so-called calcium channel blocker.

The location is not advantageous!

Although considered to be a universal remedy for premature birth, bed rest can cause stress, such as venous thrombosis or maternal muscular dystrophy. And, according to surveys on twin pregnancies, the risk of premature birth is especially increased if you are pregnant with a baby. about the domestic situation If you have a risk of premature birth, it must first be made clear that we are talking about high risk or threatening premature birth, as in each case we have to resort to other methods of treatment. If you have a high risk of premature birth, you should give your baby a small amount of progesterone hormone and keep a close eye on it, so you can immediately recognize the dangers of premature pregnancy. because according to experience generally not effective. It is important to emphasize that for a baby with a low risk of premature birth, there is only one thing to do: comfort.

That's how you recognize the danger

We can talk about threatening premature pregnancy if you have a 10 to 15 minute increase in activity that can lead to congestion or the development of lymph nodes between 24 and 37 weeks of pregnancy. Should this be suspected - with the help of the aforementioned vaginal ultrasound and fetal fibronectin examinations - it should be noted that we are indeed at risk of premature birth or only increased myocardial activity. In the latter case, no intervention is required, but close monitoring is necessary in the case of a threatened premature birth.About the 34th week of pregnancy, steroid treatment should be initiated to allow the fetus to liberate gas. Because the steroid exerts its effects on the lung for well over 48 hours, it is necessary to consider the onset of birth. In this case, the baby should receive a reduction in functional capacity under hospital conditions. You can read more about steroid treatment and its importance here.

Dr. Gyula Csermely

We are a specialist
dr. Gyula Csermely is a specialist in maternity hospital. The Fetal Medicine Foundation The Fetal Medicine Foundation. 1997 - the II. He founded the first Hungarian private hospital after World War II - it was administered by the Telki County Court while he continued his clinical work at St. Stephen's Court. In 2001, he created his own business, the Ruhzsakert Medical Center, which is currently managed and co-owned.