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The man who will be the father

The man who will be the father

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At first glance, it is mostly a male who has a muscular shoulder, a narrow hips, a strong coat, an eagle, a broad lobe, a determined shoulder. These properties are all due to high levels of testosterone (one of the most important male hormone).

The real male - female eye

How could most girls choose such a pair for themselves? Why are they madly in love with taped shoulders, flat nosed, narrow-faced men? Several surveys confirm that a good portion of women only find it sexually attractive the superfire described above, but when asked what his general opinion is about roulette, he puts down early signs: untrustworthy, hackneyed, tough, you can't get along well with him. For those who boast less masculine features, women think that cooperative, caring, so they're good donors Jean-Claude Van Damme, but the big one is going to be a more insignificant outward figure who, in turn, has something in his heart and mind. We haven't even told you that there are much deeper, more complex definitions of choice, so almost every boy has a chance to "head on".

Almost every boy has a chance to turn his head on

The real man - doctor eye

The real man is the one who is the least It can release mature, healthy sperm again above the egg - because that is what it takes for fertility itself. But the natural lead to the egg cell is up by a dangerous adventure book. The vaginal acidity, the vicissitudes of transfusion, and the host's immune response, cause incredible destruction of the human germ cells: only a handful of cells can eventually get the egg. Because of this, it's good to have at least sixty million sperm in the starting team at the start, but that's not always the case. In fact, in the thirties, in some areas of the world, including in Europe, the average number of hormone cells decreased.The reason, according to most researchers, is that it is polluting the environment. Unfortunately, the possibility of conception due to a "man's fault" is not negligible. Sexuality and childbirth disorders are traditionally considered to be very good in most cultures. A man may be driven by the realization that he is "not a good man". In addition, every medical intervention reminds you again and again of failure. Most infertility centers employ psychologists who are well prepared to deal with this problem. It also helps a lot when a couple is looking for a social partner who can freely talk about their concerns and feelings in front of them.

The real male - male

Although having a baby, the mother bears the legal burden, men have no easy task, as long as the movie looks like. Of course, a child's post-mortem survives at most men's, but when the opportunity arises, new life takes hold, there are no grips - rampant hormones, and vital bodily changes - such as those of the mother. But anxiety is present: will I be a father? Can I take care of my family? Do I have to give up my life so far? He never shares his uncertainties and doubts: the real man does not complain, he does not appear weak, he can solve everything himself. You just have to go this route alone, so you can dare to see how he experienced his own father in his childhood.If the relationship was good between them, it can help a lot. If bad memories, a prospective father can only articulate what he does not want to be. In addition, she must reassess her relationship with womanhood, as her couple now undergo significant and irreversible bodily changes that they must accept, if they like it or not.Related articles about fatherhood:
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