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PCO - affects the whole body

PCO - affects the whole body

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Nowadays, we hear about rula more and more, over time, it can cause diabetes and infertility. After a thorough examination, you are fortunate enough to have symptomatic treatment.

PCO - affects the whole body

The name polycystic ovary (PCO) refers to the appearance of numerous tiny cysts in the ovaries beneath the external cortex instead of the normal ovary. However, this is only part of a complex sugar, fat metabolism, and hormonal disorder, one of the possible but not mandatory symptoms of cystic ovaries. A common cause of female infertility, which is characterized by external, ultrasound and internal laboratory symptoms. Hungarian women are affected by it.

Acquired or brought?

PCO is a predominantly communicable disease, which is manifested by the insensitivity of the cells (receptors) that carry insulin (the metabolism hormone), called insulin resistance. All of this impairs the sugar uptake of the cells. The body is reluctant to produce more than normal amounts of insulin, which results in abnormal hormonal and metabolic abnormalitiesIf your insulin levels are high, your sugar metabolism will deteriorate and your blood glucose levels will be bad. High levels of insulin are also associated with male hormone overload, which causes characteristic symptoms and infertility.

Possible symptoms

They appear first during sexual maturation:
  • elhнzбs;
  • masculine skin: acne, facial hair, hair loss;
  • multiplication of cysts of each ovary, growth of egg-like egg with a thick pellicle in which there are six to eight cysts on each side;
  • Bleeding twice or twice a year for one to two days, which is not a menstrual period. In the case of PCO, there is no ovulation, and there are no signs of ovarian follicularization, since there is no ovulation or corpus luteum with PCO;
  • failure to conceive.
Most PCO patients seek medical attention for obesity, hypertrophy, infertility, or menstruation. Over time, the syndrome can lead to diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, or more severe triggers (stroke, heart attack). However, it is very encouraging that your symptoms will go away after your sugar metabolism and insulin levels are adjusted, and that normal women's cycles and fertility can be restored.
In the event of a suspected illness, a thorough examination is important. Multiple ovarian cysts can be detected with vaginal ultrasound or laparoscopythat are always two-sided. Laboratory determination of female and male sex hormones, glucose, insulin and blood glucose is also important. A warning sign is a reduction in sugar tolerance when the sugar level does not return to normal after consuming the sugar solution on an empty stomach.

Arrange the sugar

Many attempts have been made to treat PCO with drastic interventions, such as removing the ovaries. Manapsбg focuses primarily on restoring carbohydrate metabolism and restoring insulin receptor sensitivity. This is essentially a carbohydrate-deficient diet and an active ingredient called metformin, which is also used to treat diabetes.
Symptoms can take months and years. If the normal female cycle and fertility are not restored, ovarian stimulating drugs and injections can help to eliminate infertility, and in such a case may be avoided. The use of combined contraceptives for PCO can only be recommended for a short period of time and only when treating the underlying disease.
Because of the genetic origin of the disease, PCO cannot be prevented, but with a diet low in carbohydrates, regular exercise, and maintaining normal weight within the normal range, there is a chance of a healthy life. Therefore, it is extremely important that you recognize it as early as possible, possibly at the time of adolescence.
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