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Agenda with twins?

Agenda with twins?

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Principles here or there, everyday let us show you the best for you. And also the number of fathers. And, of course, help is available.

For example, the sudden double has changed my basic adaptive approach. When I only had one kid, I didn't put too much emphasis on getting an accurate agenda. Breastfeeding, diapering, anesthetizing, entertaining, baby walking as needed.
Then, when the girls were born, I had to realize that with the same method, twin moms would be in total chaos. But more difficult with greyhounds! By the age of about three months, you may not be fortunate enough to use the "shaping" techniques read in various books and heard by friends. Baby is too small to live a strict agenda, and if you are not breastfeeding, but three ounces of urine, you may lose milk. Then again it is best to serve them 24 urns and watch for all their revelations.


Shorter, as you get bigger, stronger, and eat what's right for them, try to get the most comfortable agenda and system for you. For example, if you try to breastfeed them at the same time, you will also coordinate the time you fall asleep. If you do not, it may be easy for you to feed your nappies at various times, nappies, and anesthetics, at different times.

Twins is twice as difficult?

The first period is certainly not easy, but float in front of your eyes so you can slowly but surely give handrails to yourself and babies. This is a night-time bedtime routine: it gives them and you safety. After a while, we are convinced that after a delicious paddling, the evening feeds, followed by an arbitrary dream, singing, and storytelling. And then sleep.
I have heard from multiple twin moms that if they had no agenda, they wouldn't have a shower, let alone their household responsibilities… If you have a bigger brother in the family, it is important that you give him enough attention. Having the same agenda allows you to deal with it - double breastfeeding can also result in a sense of breastfeeding.

Order flexibly

Of course, you do not need to stick to an established rhythm with an iron strict. It won't be a problem if after a long evening, the evening bathing is interrupted or the feeding is interrupted. But in the long run, it is good for moms, babies, and other members of the family to live life on the agenda, not only in their infancy, but also when their children are eager and eager.
If it is easier for you, you can make a spreadsheet that you know from time to time, where you know where you are. Twins often do not even know what time of day it is.
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