This is how breast milk adapts to changing needs

This is how breast milk adapts to changing needs

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With a surprising photo taken by an American mom, the composition of breast milk is constantly changing, depending on what the baby needs.

Mallory Smothers during one of her breastfeeding nights, she realized that her little girl was slimmer than usual, snorting, and she was hot, and probably cold. The next morning, when he was milking milk, he realized that the color of the milk was much dimmer than at any other time, and he was very reminiscent of the colostrum, the very first nutrient-rich afterbirth.The composition of breast milk adapts to the needs of the baby "I recently read an article about mum's milk constantly adjusting to her baby's needs," she wrote in a Facebook post. "We write that the baby's nipple is inserted into the nipple, where the receptors in the mother's body analyze this pattern, and when they detect a virus or bacterium, they . " Well, you can see the outdoors "Milk on the left side was friday on Thursday, and the left side was frosted in the morning. I did everything just like before. I was breast-feeding my sick baby. - Tell Mallory. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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