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Tidying up: When can you expect a kid?

Tidying up: When can you expect a kid?

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Can a small child be expected to remove the part from the home tidying up? When would you deal with such tasks? Can we expect our child to be a part of the home order at a tender age?

Moms are usually of the opinion that tidying up and getting this baby needs to be taught the same way as brushing or sleeping. This is a process that really starts at the age of 1.5-2. The point of order and habits of the order is very much dependent on the family habits. On Facebook. Toddlers who are enthusiastic about playing countless games are getting out of the play box and writing down these simple parental requests: "Are these games on the shelf? or "Put this game in the box?" Gradually get used to tidying up!

Don't take the initiator!

Tidying up by 3-4 years is already an important place to be on your kid's agenda, as you expect it in kindergarten.
The parent example is important because if we do not come up with a good example, we would expect it too. As long as the child is small, let's help him / her along with the guidance and carry out eg. in your room, playing, dressing, dressing. Let us be patient and do not take the child out of the box!If you take all the tasks out of your hands as early as you can, you will be reluctant to help, because she gets used to doing things for her instead, or her father knowing better. The best way to reduce your childhood enthusiasm is to keep on feeling that we are able to accomplish that task more efficiently and quickly.It is important that we understand all the help and make sure 2-3 or 4-year-olds can not make perfect order. If your child wants to help, do not protest or stop it! If you have a task you can help yourself with, let's give it a go!

When can a child be able to perform a task independently?

You can pack your own toys for 2-3 years; you can collect your small plates and cutlery; you can put the laundry in the laundry basket.
At 4-6 years, you can tidy up your bedding, help with the area and make room for houseplants. You can remove clothes from the dry, even smaller items, but you can also order hinges for hoodies or even kitchen linen at the age of 6, that is, for school maturity. elvбrhatу. You can load your clothes neatly into the washing machine and help you fold the clothes.7-9 YEARS can also be used for gentle dusting.

Order and personality

Involving our children in their day-to-day activities, including tidying up, teaches them that they have responsibilities and are responsible for certain things. At the same time, we parents must understand that the personality of our child has a lot to do with order and order.At the end of the conversation, a dad thought he had a lab and a mini-garden on the balcony, for example. To me, it was the perfect world, and in all other eyes, it looked like a chaos. For example, he thought that in a tidy man, chaos is much more than a heap of important things in any genius challenge. We all know children who, from a young age, want everything in place, and that. Other children also like "chaos, diversity on their own, and not necessarily respect, we have a problem with it. will take your own personal development needs and personalities. Let us make a compromisein which he and we are well acquainted!


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