Soup for baby and mom

Soup for baby and mom

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Prepare just two or two ingredients and you're ready for the family's summer lunch and your little food.

Cold beetroot soup with goat's mushrooms, Parma crunch

Adding to the soup:
40 deca sugars
two walks larger onions
a clove of garlic
1 liter of water
a tablespoon sу
a tablespoon of honey or teal
for the round button:
10 Deca Goat Cheese (you can also goat cheese)
tzz mentalevél
to feed: a few slices of parma ham, a few drops of pumpkin seed oil and a little freshly ground pepper

I put the water on the boil. I clean the greens, wash them, cut the onion into an inch. When the water boils, I put the greens in and cook for 7-8 minutes. I cooked the soup with a few peppercorns, sweetened it, sautéed it, then set it aside, let it cool, and let it cool down until it was full. Before eating, I wash it, chop the leaves, mix it with the goat stick and wet it with cherry-sized balls. I cook the ham slices in a frying pan for a couple of minutes. I dare the soup bowl, spoon into the bowl all the peppercorns, drip some oil, and add some mushrooms to the mushrooms (who want to stop here!), And a couple of rabbits. I sprinkled the whole with freshly ground pepper.
For the baby's food: I savor a handful of sugar peas, a couple of onions, and a mint leaf over steam for a few minutes. I add two tablespoons of the frying pan to the greenery, and then try to mix a little more of it. More recipes can be found here.