Winter time is better for us

Winter time is better for us

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The changeover in the European Union will cease and, according to sleepwalkers, we should opt for winter time.

According to the Hungarian Sleep Association, a positive change from a sleep-health point of view is the abolition of overtraining. So, you know, winter time would be a good choice.Winter time is better for us The European Parliament will abolish the spring and autumn of the Uranium in 2021. It is up to the Member States to decide which number to choose for summer or summer. The Hungarian government has not decided yet. Artificial disruption of sleep and the natural rhythm that has evolved on the wake precincts has a negative impact on the human body, and this is a seasonal phenomenon. According to the organization, many statistics show that restoring the original time to our timeline would be the most rational decision in physiological and health terms, and that is the winter timing.G. Németh GyцrgyAccording to the president of the Hungarian Sleep Federation, suggestions and measures are needed that take into account, for example, the adverse effects of early morning awakening of children or the prevention of sleep accidents.
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