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Help, Christmas!

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Megsьtцtted? I packed? Kitakarнtottad? Feldнszнtetted? Neither do you? No problem! Come on, let's just sit down here on the couch next to the ironing board and think again: Are you sure we want this?

We only get on our feet from morning to night, dusting, shining, winding the windows, going out of business, and actually being pretty good at it. It would be nice to sit back, relax, slow down the tempo. Play more with the kid, read a good book. What do you want, for example? Are you just waving "Б, Christmas is not happening ..."? But then who? Mirхl?

Those good old days…

Well, they are gone. I remember my little gift as she spread her freshly ironed, hardened tablecloth, flattened her hair, and slipped into her kitchen in her finest cloth. She was excited but never tense. Later, while my grandmother was leading the preconceptions, everything worked so well: the apartment was cleaned up by time, the bumps cleared, the bay cracked (or if we did, we scolded the bake ...).
Then my mom and I had to get in properly if she wanted to do it: she rushed home from work and off the school desk. Christmas was starting to become a job somewhere here, but most came only when my children were born. The Great Quote also pops up regularly in early December: how do you make it easy to have a happy Christmas and not be unhappy about it?Who is the coach?
A coach is a kind of "coach" (the term comes from sports) who helps the outsider to think carefully and clear things up, whether it's business inquiries or business management. He works in coaching. Feldmárr coaching, represented by Dorottya Bьky, goes a little deeper than traditional coaching and very sensitive to finding the point where you may need to look for a therapeutic solution to your problem. A coach is not a therapist. - One can easily imagine that he wants to do everything he saw at home. My grandmother gave me a handwritten recipe book with good old recipes, says Dorottya Bьky, Co-founder of the Feldmár Institute. - With a handsome hand, the whole Christmas menu was there. Uh, I tried to do it once. It was brutal… We are alive today.
These rituals were born in other ages, this system of obligation meant just another person. Today's women don't have much of the backdrop that our mothers and grandmothers have been with for a long time - we're working hard, we have few days off during the Christmas season. What you really have to do is decide what you keep from what you have grown up with and what you can let go of it.
If you have a Christmas that is devastating to you both mentally and spiritually, humanly, you are lost. At home, I am crafted to be more intimate and less concerned with carrying out my traditional tasks.

Make Your Christmas Really Happy!

On private roads

However, it is not always easy to face family expectations, especially when you are marrying your first child with a new family. If everyone is sticking to their own habits with tooth and pleasure, Christmas can easily turn into a joy. Fortunately, it is up to us in what direction to direct the events. According to Dorottya, an examination can help a lot.
- Relationships with traditions and responsibilities are very evident at Christmas, as mom comes and sees, for example, whether the picture frames are dusty. If the borders are not clear, this can cause problems. For the sake of purification, I must examine the relationship with my parents, myself, my obligation to myself.
It is important how much I can let go of all of these. How much I can live with the knowledge that I am not going to do it the way I should in my mother's life, but to do our best. The two are not the same !! Because the world has changed, and most of all, because I'm not the same person as my mother, and I'm not her baby girl. If a man lives alive, even at Christmas, his mom comes and knows he can be there.

Variants for Christmas - How Do Others Spend Christmas?

"We were really hateful with our families right from the start - at least, according to us. We didn't want to expose our twins to hundreds of miles of car to spend Christmas Eve on Christmas Eve. we invited everyone to come to us for a snacking gift.
Mari, the twins are many years old
Цrkйnyi Йvi you have decided many times that the end of your festive hair, the brainstorming. The joy of their Christmas is that their little ones will go out and enjoy the glorious surroundings, the pampering baths, the fun and the serious activities in a hotel.

What can Christmas do about it?

Probably not… What you can do is just focus your attention on love and attention that we are less and less interested in. According to Dorottya Bьky, there is a great opportunity for us to rethink our business regardless of the concept.
- It's not easy to find that we're spanking this Christmas only two weeks or a whole year, but it's worth it! If you want to change it, you need to be able to decide what you want, because there are many other requests. It's not an easy thing, because in our culture, the little kid is educated that what he or she wants is not necessarily right.
And yet everyone has the desire to be free, to choose freely - along with the inherent fear of the consequences. Every single thing I do, despite being afraid, has an Urian significance in life. For example, a fearless Christmas is because it radiates out to everyone else.
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