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Baby Mom Tournament You can get started in a couple of weeks!

Baby Mom Tournament You can get started in a couple of weeks!

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Before you gaze at Katra and the little Pannra, you will also like to exercise with your baby. As long as you get stronger, he enjoys the game.

Get in a comfortable stretch. Place the baby between your legs and breathe. Slowly lean forward during the flash until you succeed, then stay there for a few moments. Make sure your back and leg are straight. Slowly return to the starting position when starting. If your baby is comfortable living, you can hold your hand as you lean forward.
Effect: Exceptional loose-stretching exercise for the thigh and back muscles, as well as strengthens the back muscles and enhances blood circulation in the spine, presses down the stomach, massages the internal organs, and.
Repeat: 12, then raise weekly by 6 to 30

Bending to the side
Find a place to stay. Put the baby in your sleeve, hold it with one hand, and lift the other. Breathe in and breathe hot. Repeat this process twice and then change hands again.
Effect: Exercise relaxes the upper body, stretches and slims the waist, massages the internal organs of the abdomen, and increases lung capacity.
Repeat: 5 then raise weekly 5 to 30
Lie on your stomach and place the baby on your stomach facing you. Bend your shoulders and rest your palms on the ground. With your hands resting on your palms, lift the head, shoulders and upper chest between the ground. Give it back in the middle. Keep the situation for as long as you can to hold your breath. Breathe out and descend to the ground. Attention! If your waist gets tired, lower your upper body. Put your shoulder on the back and drop your shoulder on the back during the practice.
Effect: Strengthens arm muscles, stretches abdominal muscles. It increases the flexibility of the spine, the circulatory system. It regulates thyroid function and relieves menstrual disorders.
Repeat number 6, then the second week 12

Bloody rocking
Stretch out, bend your legs slightly. Grab your baby upright in your thigh and lower your leg between your toes. Slowly start rocking it back and forth so that you support the back with your forearm. Do this exercise for half a minute, then take a break and relax for a few seconds. Effect: Strengthens the muscles of the back, buttocks, thighs and arms.
Repeat number 5, then the second week 10

Forearm rocking
Sit in a small swath and lean forward a little. Make the baby comfortable on one of your forearms, with your face facing the ground, keeping your other hand out of your butt. Swing your body in front of you, sideways with a straight week, making sure only your arms work.
Effect: Strengthens the muscles of the spine, arms and shoulders.
Repeat: 10 in each direction, then 15 in the second week
Teeth lifting foot lift
Lie on the floor with your bent leg, raise your hips, and with it one of your feet, but only to the bent leg line. The baby can sit in the middle of your body and back up your raised leg. Keep this situation for a short breath and then practice with your other leg. Attention! Do not accidentally place your body on the support leg!
Effect: Strengthens the muscles of the foot and abdomen, massages the spine, stretches the middle part of the body.
Repeat: 10, then from the second week 20

I catch you!
Put yourself in a wide open position. As you engage, grab the little one under your arm and raise it with your arms outstretched. Flex your knees and your shoulders as you poke the baby above the ground. It's an exercise like tossing it in and catching it. Make sure your back stays straight!
Effect: Exercise strengthens the arms, shoulders, back, thighs and buttocks.
Repeat number: 10, from the second week 15
+ an exercise for the baby!
Sit down, bend your knee, press your foot to the ground. Put the baby in your lap, with your head resting on your knees and your toes on your chest. Grab your hips in reverse hand position (thumb to waist) and take a breath. Turn the baby into a curved foot with a determined movement. Bring the baby back to the starting position for insertion. This exercise is usually very enjoyable for the baby, so you may repeat it a few times.
Its effect: it promotes small weight loss and the development of brain functions, and is also very good for strengthening the mother's back muscles.
To make it easier for you to follow the exercises, we have also produced a nice, A4-sized version of the article!


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