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Cow's milk allergy can help your child cook completely milk-free

Cow's milk allergy can help your child cook completely milk-free

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The prime cow's milk and fattening point is the average Hungarian diet, so it's no wonder that the diagnosis of cow's milk allergy causes some stopping in the family. After all, it is not easy to get around because there is little ready to buy from sellers.

I collected recipes from everywhere

My 14-month-old son had three months of blood for the first time in his poop. Allergic children also had allergic symptoms at this age, so I immediately left all dairy products from eating (because she's just breastfeeding.) The symptoms persisted, so I eliminated eggs and their derivatives. Fortunately, grandparents also took it seriously when we ate there. I searched curiously for what to replace, I searched for cookbooks. As a result, we have become more conscious of our diet. All of this does not mean a huge extra cost. Spread on bread is very delicious a different parachutes. Recipes: Be on the lookout for a cookbook and related blog. Milk with oatmeal, rice milk I was trying to get more affordable drugs in drug stores. The egg kukoricakemйnyнtхvel pуtoltam. One tablespoon of powder, so one tablespoon of water. I made a very delicious pancake, so the distinctness doesn't even appear.

What does a child eat if he has a cow's milk allergy?

The volume can be replaced tofu (of course, allergy may occur). After all, our favorite is the fantastic "cake" made from couscous cooked bread. (See Milk, Eggs, and Soy Foods in the book.) Chocolate cake made from whole couscous was also popular. Lйtezik oatmeal and rice cream also with which sour cream can be replaced. I couldn't beat the foam even with a foam fix, but I did it on my little boy's birthday cake, made on my birthday (a previous recipe from My Little Baby). I have made many kinds of oatmeal from many oatmeal.The pediatrician prescribes the formula Sinlac, the main ingredient of which is szentjбnoskenyйrmagand contains the necessary vitamins. I wrote an email to the manufacturer to send me recipes for sinlac. Soon I got two stained booklets full of recipes. I couldn't find anything to replace the cheese, but it can be tasted without it. Looks like my little boy grew dairy allergic at the age of one. The older son of my cousin is only three years old, the smaller one is not so lucky, he still has diarrhea in dairy products as well as half a year. Need some perseverance, exploration, a city where you can get access, though many things can be obtained through courier services. If parents, grandparents are good at it, the child won't be bothered to eat anything.
Csszszrnй Autumn Zhuffi, Szombathely

Alternative medicine

Recently, we have also been wearing similar shoes. My baby had eczema dermatitis all over his body at the age of six months, and he was also shown to have milk and egg allergies. However, despite a strict diet (which was difficult to keep because she had to cook completely outside), her skin had nothing to improve. Later in the year, we held that antihistamines could not alleviate persistent itching, and steroid lubricants only worsened the condition. This went on for two and a half years, and we found a meridian energy therapy remedy that EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique - called Emotional Release Technique), which is effective in almost any physical and psychological problem as it treats and eliminates the real causes of illness. In our case, the miracle took only three weeks (!), And it took us a long time to get the perfect skin out of the frustrated state. It took a couple of months of regular EFT to eliminate food allergies, and today you can eat any kind of food. Slowly, one year ago, the baby boy is now fifty years old and his skin is victorious. disturbance of energy household, and the same causes many different diseases. We use the endpoints of the meridians (numbered 14) to balance the energy system of the body: by fine-tapping the points we generate the energy system while tuning to the problem (s). Energy is now freely flowing and sickness or poor sensation is disappearing. More information can be found at, the website of EFT's Hungarian center.
Pintérnй Annus Rita, email


Although I don't really respond to new items, I just felt that the request for milk allergies was made directly to me. My baby is 26, my baby is five months old. The son soon found out (not by medical examination, but by "rumination") that his milk-white was sensitive. So from the age of six weeks, I was on a milk-free diet until I was sixteen months old. Then I took a break in my diet while I was pregnant with faith. But unfortunately, they produced the symptoms in the same way, so for the time being our milk-free diet has stopped.
At first, I was very hesitant, but today I know that there are many ways to go. Of course, I am not saying that milk is not lacking, but for the sake of the child, first of all, look for the kind of margarine that has the word "light" on it. They are milk-free. But there are also some that we'll go over specifically for milk allergies. For a while, when I cooked a dish that needed milk (cherries, steaks), I simply made the mortar with water. Today I use some rice milk or oat milk. At one time, in a organic store, I was told that rice is made from everything you make from milk. So in principle, it has whipped cream and sour cream, but it is very expensive. You should also find dairy free when you are raised. The Scooby-Doo sausages and pickles like dairy, sourdough and food-free foods. Everyone on our diet is just as well, my brother is in solidarity and he doesn't need to go outside. I thought a lot of people were encouraging me to outgrow my baby to two. We have to wait for that. But I won't give up! And my little son is very cuddly, he does not believe if he has ever seen a milk chocolate, but says that it will become a pudding. (Also, if you don't get any chocolate, you might not mind it.)
Nagynй Bea Zombori, email

Must be done!

First of all, I was very breastfed by this diagnosis. Until then, I couldn't imagine our lives without milk and dairy products. But I started to study the eating habits of other cultures because I assumed that they wouldn't eat dairy products every day. And really! The african, asian cuisine javares dairy products! I suggest you take a look at what Japanese or Chinese eat, for example! We just had to say goodbye to the most typical breakfast, lunch and dinner. Today, I have no doubt that it is possible to live without cow's milk, no matter how. For example, it helped me lose weight. The excess of dairy products is very fat! That's right, we've outgrown our allergies, but the recipes remain. Now we only consume milk, dairy products, and everyone loves getting new on the table.
G. Erika, emailThey may also be interested in:
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