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How Much Does Childbirth And Pregnancy Care Cost? All prospective parents are interested in this request, especially now that the debate over the issue of monthly finances has become a daily issue in newspapers and newscasts.


It is educational, and at the same time, the very nature of what this question is about and why it is being re-introduced. In the last few months of 2003, the website was launched by the Data Protection Commissioner, claiming that the data it read violates the personal rights of doctors. They hate it because they make publicly available numbers that cover illegal income - let's add it. The site was also designed by a private person to provide a forum for parents to pay for their tariffs. Specifically, in which hospital, how much money did the pregnant woman ask for, care for, and maternity service. Beginning and even many times, a newborn parent will sooner or later find himself asking how much to pay for a doctor.
A part of the little mother tried to find out from her friends, neighbors, the internet, who was giving and how much the doctor was doing. The situation is a reflection of the signs that women are measuring, whether they have overcome the amount: for example, did the doctor know the closest one, was kind enough to the six-week control, and did she expect the next birth. Many people comment on a wide variety of bristles: for example, the doctor looks at the blog and then tells you that you have already missed it that day, or that you name the amount you miss. Damaged and pristine. No wonder your mother is looking for the closest alternative.
Under good financial circumstances, it seems like visiting a private agency, where you usually do not get a service, but pay a tailor-made price to the examiner. Parents also have a legitimate need to continue: I also want to know how much parenting will cost. Some doctors tell you in advance how much you are asking for, adding that the wounded expect her mother to appear in the hospital for the night and deliver the baby.
The fate of the site was also eliminated, but content was downloaded and relocated to foreign servers - hence the original maintainer of the site - the previous content was extended to include extensions. In March 2015, the 1001 Physicians Without a Heath Facebook group was created, which consists of doctors who do not accept cash.

Free or not ?!

Expenses for maternity care and maternity care in Hungary are fully covered by the National Health Insurance Fund. This means that after the vaginal birth is 89 thousand HUF, after the cervical section 183 thousand HUF is due to the birth institution, this amount is higher in case of births. OEP pays for health services through citizens 'and workers' health insurance contributions. (According to current legislation, the amount of contributions is 15 percent of the gross wage, two thirds of which is paid by the employer.) you do not have to pay extra for caring for a baby or for a parent, as these are basic benefits for every insured citizen.
Numerous letters from our readers prove that even those women who are born with an unaccompanied physician can be counted on for high-quality, courteous care, and even for example, that they do not accept hymen's money at that time. Unfortunately, the opposite is also adorable: a pregnant mother who receives a baby without a doctor often feels, is not paying attention to her, is not attentive to her, and is left behind because she is not considered a "paying" patient. Of course, if we want to be completely honest, we should also mention that such situations are also reported by those who paid a pre-arranged rate to their admitted doctor.

The medical chamber's resolution on the website

Since the 1999 TKRKI survey found that doctors and the general public most of all, parents were interested. According to the Chamber, the pre-negotiated tariff is unethical and unethical, but the monthly fee provided after treatment is acceptable. Inside the profession, midwives are in an exceptional position, as they are rewarded separately, because they are patients expect constant feedbackwhich in other ways as money alone cannot be recognized.
At the same time, the president of the College of Obstetrics and Gynecology opposed the tariff that had been negotiated, but he thought that the ex post (in no way privileged) mortgage was unacceptable. Could Cow Leave Insecurity? If your mom wants to know the amount of blood you need to investigate? It seems, yes.

Instead of reform, it is a visual solution

Interestingly, economists who have published their opinion on the subject of home finances do not list legalizing the maternity's financial life as one of the possible solutions to the problem. For an economist, there is no monetary category for "as you think". The economist also regards health as one of the (special) areas of the market economy, and concludes that in Hungary over several decades of underfinancing we have a disease that is "unhealthy". (The patient wants to pay extra attention to his / her physician care with his / her money.)
This could be a welcome fact if your blood flow back into the benefits system, or at least evenly split between doctors and practitioners. However, this is not the case, in fact, the analysis in the Medical Journal Report also reveals that physicians involved in the study of the medical history (they are merely medical practitioners).
It is worth considering the list of consequences that are considered to be harmful to the flow of traffic Dr. Bordab Istvn kцzgazdбsz:
  • Maintains a centrally oriented structure of care.
  • It results in telemedicine, prescription, unjustified referral to the hospital.
  • Cumbersome, overestimated testing procedures lead to unjustified application.
  • It creates tensions within the profession, medical co-operation, teamwork are undermined.

  • In the field of childbirth, all of the adverse effects listed are likely to be affected - and may be fortunate in most cases. The road is horrible, because everyone wants a healthy baby, and in fact, it pays to buy what they need, the care that is needed to make this a reality.

    One possible solution is copayment

    We hear and read about health reform every day. The news reveals that there is no unanimous idea of ​​how to change the current situation, but everyone agrees that it should be a clean, ie, the best possible situation. Significant salary increases for doctors, according to the majority of experts, would not solve the problem on their own, as the patient still has to pay.
    Many people think this would be a major change if the patient had to pay for at least one part of the health service (this copayment), justifying the basic payment. At the same time, people would have the opportunity to take out self-insurance supplementary insurance. In this "mixed" system, the standard of care for less able patients would also be guaranteed.
    At the same time, the abolition of the cardiovascular system would also allow you to be available at any time of the day instead of an admitted doctor, the little mother could go to the medical team, whose members have the same viewpoint, are alike, always the member of the group who is working at the time of the birth or the next exam.
    There is also a solution whereby the primary care itself is funded by the insured, but the so-called rewardt (the sum of the sum of the calls to be called outside the working hours) is for the parent woman to pay. In Germany, for example, this system works with planned home births and there is no doctor choice in the hospitals. Even so, it is not the case that a baby starts or accelerates childbirth in order to have her chosen doctor give birth.

    On demand?

    Sociological research in the field of online finances, economics, debate on the Internet is of great interest and enlightening to outsiders. However, even after studying the request, it is not clear what the baby should be doing here and now if she wants to have an optimal birthing care, and not to lose or lose her doctor.
    First of all, it is important to clarify what the optimum care means! One woman is even willing to pay less to be examined and to perform less interventions, and possibly give birth in her own rhythm, according to her own imagination. In this case, the doctor only needs to be a "surgeon". In this case, the expectant mother pays just to do nothing with just one thing. But if these demands are not formulated, for example, in the form of a birth plan or through a clear discussion, the doctor will probably do the exact opposite. Because there are other needs.
    Some people are calmed down if they are checked every month by their doctor, and all examinations and screenings are done. Some people have the most important aspect of pain during childbirth or cesarean section. If the patient and the doctor find each other, they are counted as successes. Instead of implicit expectations, both are well served when they articulate their points clearly and intelligibly. Most of them are surrounded by silence, at least for the time being, and right in my head.
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