Petition for rescuing Honwed's PIC for up to three thousand values

Petition for rescuing Honwed's PIC for up to three thousand values

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Save the Honvíd PIC! has organized an online petition for the closure of the Early Childhood Center of the Honwed House on December 15.

Petition for rescuing Honwed's PIC remains under three thousand signaturesThe petition calls on the government to "address with immediate effect the critical medical emergency in the Honorable Kurdish PIC Division in Budapest" and to "consider it unacceptable that to deliver babies to their mother's prematurely birth centers in the country, and to have families separated, because the financing of professionals is unresolved in Budapest. "
  • Due to lack of doctors, we closed the Early Childhood Center
  • Ministry of Defense Recognizes Early Childhood Center Closure
  • Early life is in trouble


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