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Three thousand children were left without wits

Three thousand children were left without wits

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Because there was no room for them. There are large regional inequalities in the distribution of inland whites.

As we know, Viktor Orbán in his appraisal announced a seven-month fraud action plan in February. There were many things involved, from the CSOK to the auto support and the fact that by 2022, the hunger service will be complete, with 21,000 new jobs being created in 3 years.
According to the CSO's published weekly data for 2018, last year there were only 47,169 places in Bihar. And that's just 694 more seats than in 2017 - according to thousand children did not fit in the chick Nine years of the government have been campaigning for a wilderness ward expansion plan, as your child has the extra chance of a mother returning to work after childbirth for up to half a year. If you want and where you are. But in order to do that, they also need to be worshipers in 2018, out of 281,000 children under the age of 3, there were only 44,577 feet in some sort of wardrobe in Paporno last year, with almost 2,600 more places available than they really were. By March, there were 3,698 children who had been rejected by the canteen. The reason for this is regional inequality. In the great majority of the country, you simply have no way to go far. In 2017, 2610 settlements did not have local day-to-day provision of services, and since then 46 settlements have received local bailout services. The number of places in Békéscséd is growing very slowly. Last year, Katalin Novovk boasted about the fact that the number of places in Békéscsé has increased from 32 thousand to 48 thousand, ie eight thousand, that is, by 2010. However, this is not entirely true in this form, in fact, there are only tens of thousands more places in the daily care of young children than in 2010, according to The reason is that since 2017 the family names have been renamed family worshipers, though nothing has changed, the number of places has actually increased, but by the year 2018 ( ), with a total of 9792 seats, the government now hopes to create up to 13,000 seats by 2020, up from just 694 in 2017 to 2018.
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