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Alma and her son

Alma and her son

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What is it that makes human reproduction, after all, a child's birth and blessing? Among others, we want a child. And if we want it, let's do it for health.

Alma and her son

Special Sentiment powers your mother after giving birth when she first sees her newborn baby. Somehow the little man seems alien, even though the relatives would prove to him that he or she was a parent, aunt, daddy. Mom's eyes are open to the traits that make a child out of 6 billion other people megkьlцnbцztetikof which after all is a once and unrepeatable creature.

It was similar

As the weeks go by, the months go by, and the child's attraction, A similarity can be drawn. Her smile is most of all her father's, her forehead is probably her grandmother's, but her eyes are exactly like her mother's. Because we all give something to your strangers. It is very exciting as time passes by and between and among one or more of them.

If you speak ...

The child development program the moment you conceive. If, by any miracle, we could talk about the fertilized egg, we would know whether the man to be born would be a son or a girl, what color his eyes, hair, how tall, his hair would be, his musical ability or hair. the onset of certain diseases, and so on.


If we search with a microscope, we can see that there is a difference between two germ cells. The oocyte (the female gametes) is a "standard" cell: the midpoint nucleus is surrounded by plasma, and the whole is enveloped in a cell lining. The ondocyte (the male gametes), on the other hand, is only the nucleus to which the tail is attached. It is significantly smaller than the ovum, which can be seen with the naked eye. The nucleus of the two cells contains the gluttonous substance that we are wondering about in the child: yeah, split X or Y!


And now, let's take a closer look! Under an electron microscope, it seems good that the chromosome is made up of a variety of pouches wrapped around tiny white spheres. Interlocking spheres look like little girls' beads. The most potent element of the bird is a complex and wonderful molecule called the deoxyribonucleic acid, in short: DNS. In fact, this is what controls the livelihood. There is a single "software" feature for life. Whether it is a primitive bacterium or a human being capable of killing the world, nature's program is equally valid: every species is made up of its own unique DNA that is unique to each individual. Functional units of secretion are present within the molecule: genes.

Something pepper

Gregor Mendel His name sounds in every word: pepper. How was it?
When Mendel crossed yellow and green peppercorns, the "peppercorns" all turned yellow (though there were "green" peas). Then, with these new cubs crossed over, the great fascination came: in the new generation, there were several greenbacks that were brought back to the "grandparents." The most interesting discovery was that Mendel found proportionality in the shifting of different properties. According to these, 75 percent of the third generation of peppers have the color of "grandparents" and 25 percent of them have "grandparents".

Mendel's experiment proved that:

  • are the dominant geek, which in the second generation always have the characteristics of a new individual like that of the parent (this is the yellow coloring gene in pepper),
  • they are called latent gaysthat can emerge in future generations (green pepper)
  • the occurrence of dominant and latent properties is a mathematical law stone.


Mendel's conscience was perfectly correct, correct, and meant to depict the mysteries of human attachment. However, it has been found that the Law of Science does not explain the onset of certain diseases (such as diabetes). In the last century it turned out to be so called kisgйnek (weaker genes in their efficiency) can accumulate, form a system, and define certain properties such as height, sense level, and even developmental abnormalities. In these cases, the effect of the dummy baby is summed and exerted by weight. Half-generation of small gene systems is always continuous across generations. This is the ancient-law. The combined effect of the ancient-law and the Mendelian law is to carry all of our precious orthems. " .
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