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I don't like the nightmare!

I don't like the nightmare!

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Sooner or later all babies fall asleep, once every child falls asleep, but in the meantime the parent has to go through the night.

Many other problems in the early years - such as depression, distraction, increased risk of accidents, deteriorating relationships, obesity - in the background, persistent sleep loss. baby wakes up at night.We should not try to make it a night, but rather the faster we can sleep again. Some people find it easier to sleep with a baby, so you don't have to wake up.

Finding the Right Solution for Relaxing Sleep

Make the most of your baby's daytime sleep also, but not for housework or training, but for relaxation. Not bad, but our elemental need for sleep even during the day. If you breastfeed your baby, you may sleep well in the middle.
Let's exchange each other with our couple, just as the birds are carrying the fall for their boys. Perhaps a weekend night can go smoothly with the help of this.
We ask for help from grandparents, cousins, friends. If it is all too long, ask one of your grandmothers or close relatives to take care of the baby for a while while we relax. You should definitely play with it 1-2 hours a day, but it is best to take it for a stroller while we are picking up a little.
Are you paying attention to the before bedtime? Babies need to relax to be able to sleep soundly. In this case, be silent, do not ring the father, do not have the light of the lamp strong 1-2 hours before sleeping. Go to bed before you sleep, read a story, or give him a lullaby. Develop a ritual that is repeated every night before going to bed, which provides security.
It can also be decisive what he ate for dinner the baby. In any case, it is not recommended to give sugar to the little ones, but in the evening, make sure you do not overeat any stimulating effect. Try the banana, this fruit contains serotonin, which is liberated.
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