Safe cycling

Safe cycling

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Before investing in a cycling child, it is best to taste the bikes and hardships of some of our acquaintances.

Safe cycling

The weight of a small child has a major influence on balance, it is harder to get up and down, it is more fatiguing to move with it, the longer it is longer, and any inequality can be felt more. Anyone who rides a bicycle quickly gets used to the heavy load between the saddle and the government placed children will have the least impact on balance, but may carry up to 15 kg. It has the advantage of being easy to talk to while on the move, with good visibility, luggage space for luggage, and backpacking. The disadvantage is that the little one cannot fall asleep while on the move, and the parent has to pedal with a little patchwork, so it is somewhat uncomfortable. our back room is equipped Its 22kg, high weight and footrest provide a comfortable fit for the little ones, and you can even sleep with the addition of a headrest. He doesn't mind the thread, but he didn't look so good on our back. Yes, but where do the packages come from? And how do we talk a little backwards? Mount a large rear-view mirror on the steering wheel, so it's best to feel like you're on the go. The back is not just locked into the luggage, adapter versionthat is attached to the water. At first, it is as if it were flaming in the air, with no support, and L-shaped metal water holds the wheels above the wheels. This variant is easy to mount and disassemble and is the type that delivers the best vibration to the bike, making it easy for a child to fall asleep. between the government. There is only one type that is becoming more widespread in Hungary, bicycle utбnfutу. It weighs 40-50 kg, so two children can enjoy it at once. Its use is demanding: it is wider than the bike and needs to be turned around in greater detail. Children are very fond of this method of transportation.
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