Baby earrings: what to choose?

Baby earrings: what to choose?

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When is it worthwhile to kick a baby's ear? Once you have decided on this, you only have to ask what kind of earring to choose?

What should be the first earring?

By itself, punching is quite a shared request. Many people think that a baby is not a real girl without her head, almost the baby's leash is a part of the jewelry, besides the canopy baby, it is important to have a baby in the middle of the child's life. In the opinion of a specialist in the treatment of ear-nose necrosis, piercing is in no way recommended at six months of age because the immune system is still underdeveloped to adequately prevent the onset of the disease. It is also worthwhile to wait for the first vaccinations before perforating them. And there are parents who think that a woman's bar is an important thing, and over-balancing it in toddlerhood is unlucky. In any age group, at least 9 to 10 years, most girls are overweight. But what is the ideal earring for babies? To avoid metal allergy, the first earrings should be nickel, chrome and cobalt free. It's best to have a small piece of jewelry made of medical, silver, titanium, platinum or gold (white gold is not a good choice because it may contain nickel). fülbevalу in male adjust to the size of your child's cymbals, the smaller the better. Don't hang on, you can't babble, yell. note that when you start to dress unintentionally, you should not get the dress stuck in your earring. Do not overdo the earring very much. Similarly, it is worthwhile to choose hard and off switches. Not least, don't be shy, it appears. With earrings and clothing, we communicate a lot with the world. Our child is not our property, not a small grown-up and not a Christmas tree, so we should follow the fewer principles. We just choose the right kind of childrens earrings.


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