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Breathing techniques for birth

Breathing techniques for birth

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What Techniques to Use in Parenting? And why is it important to lose air?

Good olfactory technique can help a lot

One of the most popular techniques used in parenting is a Lamaze-mуdszer. Rhythmic breathing, relaxed concentration and the use of special massage techniques without the need for medical intervention help divert your mother's attention from your need. Another popular technique is Bradley mуdszer, which is to teach a woman to be a part of her birth, not a victim, a victim. Other experts recommend that everyone breathe in their own natural rhythm. And whether it will be slow, deep breathing, or quick, superb, like a dog's panting, the good thing about a baby being good. The most important thing is to practice a lot, so that if we stay in the living room, we can still recall our natural breathing. Experts say it helps a lot when you're breathing, not breathing into our chest, but into our stomachs. This will make our muscles relax, though you don't expect the horseshoe to be tired and you won't feel anything, but if you focus on your breathing and that, you will not panic, you will endure more pain, you will have more energy for the stretching stage, and the little one will have better oxygen supply.And The Bump advises that if no flaming technique works, then feel free to make voices when the pain comes. If you need to, you can wake up loud, helping to cope with the pain of parenting.Related articles in butter:
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