"Don't give my child a mouth!"

"Don't give my child a mouth!"

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We all know the scene when we meet a good-willed relative or friend who wants to give our child food or drink that we do not want to see in our little mouth. How to deal with this situation?

Of course, we do not want to offend our friends, relatives, or perhaps our own mother by saying no. But as we consider that your relationship is broken our child does not eat something good for him, you will not be asked to tip the balance for the little one.

Pizzas and new food

Our child comes up in a row of teeth, which we circulate slightly to give them a green lantern. He filled the sweet chips, the chips biscuits were rewarded and I would like to use it for showing love. We loudly wonder whether it seems like a scary task or not, we have to say that you cannot feed it to your child. We need to be strong and stick to our principles, the most important guidelines of the Age Guide to Nutrition. We can refer to the pediatrician, the nurse, from whom we have received a guide on the nutrition of our child, and unfortunately this meal does not go into it. We may call the adult's attention that the child may accidentally suffocate from unknown food, such as the fries. If we encourage a relative and friend a little for a short while, we will say with certainty what the child can and cannot eat. In the end, you can be assured that you can't look after anything else if you don't fulfill what we're asking for. Remйlhetхleg we don't have to get to the threat, but we have to be determined.

And don't give the kid a snack?

Larger and nasal

Relatives and friends are joined in the game by learning about food sources. Many parents come to the playground as if preparing for a weekly relocation. It comes with three kinds of biscuits, chips, two types of donuts and brings enough amount of fun for all the children there and adults. This sounds very nice at first glance, but just before lunch or dinner, it's small They can take it completely the foreigners are fascinated. We need to pay more attention, too allergiбs another curiosity is that every child changes into a hungry wolf as soon as we enter the playground and neither does ours. You'll notice more than a few moments when a mommy is giving a good deal and being a part of the wedding crowd. We need to learn to be on the lookout and kindly but emphatically call these situations. Using excuses can cause us to feel uncomfortable. We are in an awkward position when we deprive a beloved relative or friend of our love and desire for our child. But for years, we represent our child and we know what's best for him!