Work and / or child

Work and / or child

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We all plan for the post-natal years of birth, but sometimes things happen. There are many players, let's see some of them!

Work and / or child

Only family is important

I thought about everything with my forefather, so of course we want two kids. We agreed in advance that you would I'll stay for a long time then home with the little ones, and we agreed that children should be three and a half years old. To our great pleasure, nature came close to our plans, and Levente came to the world when Milda was almost so old. After our baby was born, I've only been dealing with him for years. If I'm a little bit insecure, my boss always assured me that this is the hardest, most important and the most beautiful task in a woman's life, and the man's job is to supportbecause without help, it would be difficult for a calm, patient mother. My couple cooked, washed, or just ironed, not paying attention to the amazing eyes. I could count on it even when I was having problems with breastfeeding, I had time to rest and sleep, so Milda was breastfeeding for more than two years and is still a very healthy baby.
Everything went well, just as we had hoped. But when our girl got older, I changed the original plan a bit, and I applied for a Postgraduate Diploma. I wanted to do some mental work already. I chose a school that only had to attend once a month. I was able to finish my studies without much trouble, but in hindsight, it was too burdensome for Milda and her dad.
Now I'm pretty sure that until Levente is a little kindergarten, I don't want to deal with anything but my children. My soul is very much I envy those mothers who can afford to stay home for longer - I, too, can handle my life so well.
Now, I don't expect anything other than having exams and papers, a quiet, beige Christmas, with angels, candlelight, two beautiful kids!
Bernadett Szajkunny Medgyesi, teacher

I study and you learn

My daughter was born to work and study until she was born.
Two years ago, our baby came to life, and since then I have been working on courses and annual foreign doctoral theses.
I spent the next two years after birth almost exclusively with Sár. I had a great time at home, at first it was filled with baby care, but later on I tried to think for myself: I went to a homeopathic course, and I got into psychology a little bit, I got into things I had no energy for before.
First spring I thought I'd like to do a little bit of something else, so I taught in college the last year, but I left the real work done this fall: I'm finishing my PhD. That's why we're going to be a chick from September. For the time being, only because Sarra is still breastfeeding, but I guess there is nothing wrong with that, so she'll sleep there later. The gourmands are so free, I can learn and work, and we play greats together in Juliet.
Another year ago, I was given the opportunity to participate in a an eight-day summer university coursetin. I was worried about breastfeeding - at that time she asked me three times a day - and I was also afraid of the spiritual consequences. After all, I decided to travel and did not regret it. My grandparents and my grandparents persisted in my home - Sara was less and less patient after four days - and I kept pushing my milk to stop losing my milk. After I got home, my girlfriend just started "unpacking" on the airplane and wanted to breastfeed very often for weeks afterwards. Of course, it was a bit bearable that I was not with her, the night awakening returned for a while, but breastfeeding helped us both through the hardships.
Just like Sra they are becoming more and more autonomous, and I have more time to work and to myselfand, moreover, we are now trying to figure out how great it is to sleep with our grandmother.
Judit Klaml, a sociologist

Baby at work

A few years ago, I worked as a hairdresser on a luxury ship in Los Angeles. Among the many standings, one stood out. I was surprised to see how it is natural for parents to take their children to the bank or to the beautician and to take care of them, because most of the services are child care. Many times I also met moms who came to work with their little baby, and while they were working, the little one was playing or just sleeping in one corner.
At home, I was starting to feel the need to open my own "family friendly" salonmy. I figured something out there on your hair: a place where the whole family can goand as long as the parents are happy, the kids can have fun.
Planning became a problem when I became pregnant in January, and made it clear that I wouldn't get a job in this "state" anywhere. With the encouragement of a couple, I started looking for a store. By the time I found it, my little boy Tafari was born. THE after birth I went to work three weeks ago, I went to work with the little one. If she was hungry, I was breastfeeding - she had exclusively breast milk until seven months. It often occurred to me that my coworkers, or just my brother-in-law, were getting a little rocking. I have never had a sick, open, smart little boy, so far I have only had the benefit of living our lives like this.
My son's presence, of course, affected the entire salon, and even the little ones evolved and changed everything. We have a lot of playgrounds waiting for the children of our brothers, while my mom is a little loose and, if difficult, I have found workers who think and work like me. Most of the brothers and sisters are insistent on me because of the foul mood, although at first I had a stroke. Interestingly, the foreigners supported me in everything, but many of the Hungarian brothers commented on me, which is not "normal", raising my child at home. The success of the salon proves that I am well on my way, as many people come to us and love this special atmosphere.
Zsuzsanna Galgуczi, hairdresser
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