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I don't want to breastfeed!

I don't want to breastfeed!

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It may happen that something does not work as it is described in the general ledger. Maternity taboos will be challenged, this time you will be breastfeeding.

What Causes My Breastfeeding Sensation?

Already during my pregnancy, I felt bad when I came across a chapter on breastfeeding in baby books and news. Then the nurse came, asked about breastfeeding, and warned me to milk. My stomach turned. In the hospital, I was impressed by the baby's birth. I was happy, I loved the scent. But when I was encouraged to put her on the breast, this strange, bad sensation came up again. I know that breastfeeding is good for your baby, that breast milk is important, but I'm still unable to do so. I have a sense of guilt, but it doesn't work. I asked for nutrition at the birth, luckily my breast didn't pop very much. You're not breastfeeding. In the meantime, I'm not happy either, because I don't give everything to Botond. What Causes My Breastfeeding Sensation? Can we somehow lose what Botond missed? Am I going to feel it for the next baby?
Many consider un breastfeeding women to be hysterical or lazy, though in most cases there is a deeper reason for rejection. It is not uncommon for you to make very difficult decisions Йvi case. Because most mothers know that formula is worse than breast milk, breast feeding is less intense than breastfeeding. They also know that rejection of breastfeeding will surely receive many comments from the environment, family members, acquaintances, weddings, pediatricians. However, it doesn't work, neither does it ... If someone has not tried it, but is already very sensitive to the idea of ​​breastfeeding, has suffered serious mental trauma more recently in relation to his body or chest. Occasionally, if you were a victim of sexual abuse in your childhood and adulthood, breastfeeding can reduce your memory, feelings, feelings, and ) most times do not ask for help. He cares so much for what he has done that he tries to keep it a secret at all times, and can even count his own consciousness in his own mind. If you're looking for help, pszichoterбpia can lead to acceptance, the processing of trauma. It is also worthwhile to consult a psychologist to give Brother Botond the ability to breastfeed. Anyone who is not breastfeeding can give the baby the most need. Carry a lot, sleep well, if possible, be more together. When you are feeding, treat yourself as if you are breastfeeding, when it is good time, you can undress and you can also open your outfit to touch the skin. If the latter does not bother you, with a good quality double breasted breast (with regular milking (at least six to seven times a day, both from your breasts), you can bring back milk that you can give your baby to Botond.
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