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Newborn hinges are also important for brain development

Newborn hinges are also important for brain development

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Each time the newborn hurts, it activates a larger brain wave that can help the baby learn how to properly regulate breathing, according to University College London.

Newborn hingeing is important because of brain development (Fotу: iStock) In a new study, baby's brain activity was studied with the help of a brain scanner. - The causes of hiccups are not entirely clear, but there may also be developmental reasons why Newborns hurt so often - explains study lead author Kimberley Whitehead, a neuroscientist, physiologist, and pharmacologist at UCL. Early babies are particularly prone to frequent hiccups, which is 1% of their time each day. The fetus is able to hinge in the womb as early as 9 weeks, making it one of the earliest activity in the body. The cerebral babбk aktivitбsбt Rank fejbхrьkre the EEG (elektroencefalogrбfia) elektrуdokkal mйrtйk, mнg mozgбsйrzйkelхkkel csecsemхk tцrzsйre placed in the exact idхpontjбrуl csuklбsuk also able nyilvбntartбst vezetni.A kutatуk megбllapнtottбk that the diaphragm цsszehъzуdбsa causing the csuklбst, vбlt out vбlaszt also agykйregben - two larger brain waves, which is a smaller stone. The third brainwave is similar to that produced by sensing noises, so the newborn can combine the characteristic sound of the hinge with the feeling of diaphragm contraction. According to the researchers, this process is important for the formation of cerebral connections. "Hiccups can help your baby learn how to monitor the muscles needed for breathing so that he can regulate his breathing self," says another study author, Dr. Lorz. which regulate the senses of our bodies, are not fully developed, and therefore the creation of such networks is an important part of the life of the newborn. According to Kimberley Whitehead, the discovery leads to the conclusion that adult hiccup hiccups are actually a vestigial reflex that performs an important function in infancy (VIA).Related links:


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