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Margit Kуrhбz, Csorna

Margit Kуrhбz, Csorna

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One baby every day! This is the sum of last year's one of the smallest births in the country.

The bedroom is split with a screen if two are born at the same time

- From time to time, it raises questions within the health government as to whether such small hospitals have the right to do as ours say. dr. Csaba PolgбrIn our hometown, we have about 70,000 inhabitants from birth to midwifery. We are proud that many people choose us, but it also proves our right to be pregnant last year because of a premature letter request that required immediate intervention. Traveling 40 kilometers to Győr can be fatal. The fun effect of the family environment can also be felt in the quality of patient care.
There is no rooming in Margit Kurzhaz, which is partly due to the presence of the polite staff, and partly because the chief physician thinks the newborn mother needs rest and relaxation. If the baby or her mother wants to see her, she wants to breastfeed her whenever she is taken to the ward. On-demand breastfeeding is supported to the fullest, with the help of infant tumors and neonatology.
- Family members are welcome to see family members, says the chief physician - 80 percent of parents are present with the father.

Kiss Bendegъz Mihбly
barely an urn was born

The cupcake cannot have the father inside. It should be noted here that Chornán is not automatic, that if the first baby was born with a puppy, so should the second.
Smooth, dry throat thinners and semi-synthetic pain-relieving injections reduce the discomfort, but the dressing is performed in spineless anesthesia.
Usually after the birth, the fourth day, after the cesarean section, the mother is released with the newborn. The premature baby will take a part to Győr for aftercare, in the case of pregnant women who are less than 36 weeks old, in utero, meaning the baby is traveling in the womb.
It is the pride of the midwifery to carry out a complete infant examination and to get a large portion of the turns to the baby. Their results in laparoscopic technique, which have been applied and developed in the department for 20 years, play a major role in this.

Facts, figures

- 366 children were born in the hospital in 2010.
- The proportion of cuttings is 44 percent.
- There is a two-bedroom, separated by a screen.
- There is no choice for a parent, it is possible to choose a doctor.
- The engraving, shaving, sectioning, is the subject of discussion, not obligatory.
- There are two wheelchairs in the children's ward, equipped with a television and a quad room.
- There are two bathrooms and toilets attached to the eight baby beds.
- The babies are in the Newborn ward, but they are taken to their mother at any time on request.
- Single room, no pay room.
- Pregnancy care is a step, first the nurse and then the doctor examines the examinations.
- Families can be welcomed at any time in children's lounges, but visiting the newlyweds is prohibited.