6 things during pregnancy that often do not turn out the way we expected

6 things during pregnancy that often do not turn out the way we expected

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Pregnancy is different for all women, but one thing is sure to be common to all of them: no one is as idyllic and perfect as the social media is implying. Expectations can usually be very different than the currency. For example, in the following areas.

6 Few Wonderful Facts About Pregnancy

Kismama's style

Elvбrбs: I'm going to be incredibly stylish throughout my pregnancy!Valуsбg: Stylish maternity clothes are shockingly expensive and hard to find - so don't be surprised if you end up wearing the same lightweight, sleek look all the time. Believe me, there is nothing more comfortable about them.

That's the thing with brilliance

Elvбrбs: Because of my mother's glow, I'll always be so wonderful in the pictures!Valуsбg: The best way to shine instead of shine is to sweat.

Food after weight

Elvбrбs: I'll be able to eat anything I want.Valуsбg: Your favorite foods cause reflux symptoms that you are afraid not to meet with them during pregnancy. And if you eat them because you are so impossibly hungry, you are guaranteed to pay for an insane, crappy night.

Pregnancy in the community

Elvбrбs: People will surely be very nice and always offer me places, just because I see how big my tummy is.Valуsбg: People run away from you as fast as they can because they are afraid because you are born any time in the immediate vicinity. Usually they prefer to take you to the next elevator, but don't have to go with you. But there will also be people who think that being pregnant means giving up on being a private person and answering any question that is overly personal.

She was sitting on the tummy

Elvбrбs: For the third trimester I will have a wonderful tummy tucker that I will dabble with when I go for a walk.Valуsбg: That sounds good, but you won't really have the strength to go so big. It will be enough for you to make a mandatory checkout around the 32nd week and maybe even go into a few baby shops. (In such a case, a motorcar would be really nice!)

Motherly love from the first minute

Elvбrбs: I love my growing baby so much that I can't wait to meet her!Valуsбg: You will be so afraid of becoming a mom that you will try to keep the baby indoors for as long as possible. Indoors, where they are safe, and don't swear that you will drop it lightly on the head. It doesn't matter how bad your stomach is during pregnancy. (But of course, when you are born, you will be completely up to it, and you just think about that much pregnancy just because of your pregnancy!) (VIA)Related links: 


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