Trouble if a child is lower or higher than their peers?

Trouble if a child is lower or higher than their peers?

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Every parent wants their child to develop at a healthy pace, and not to miss any of his peers.

Is it wrong if my child is higher or lower than his peers?

However, what should we do if our son or girl is well above the average? Is there any cause for concern then dr. Tar Attila, the endocrinologist of the Buda Endocrine Center gives the answer.

What is Bone Age?

Although children have a developmental rate and others, they are genetically slightly higher and lower growth, but values ​​range within a certain range. Therefore, if the parent observes higher altitudes, it is worth examining the child's bone agewhich shows essentially biological health. Ideally, it is the same as the child's age, but there may be several years of difference between bone and age. If there is less growth hormone in the body than normal, bone age is below age, otherwise it is less than bone age.

When to Determine Bone Age?

  • the height of a child differs greatly from that of his age
  • early / early sexual maturation
  • also in other endocrinologic diseases (eg, thyroid gland, thyroid disease, etc.)
You have the bone age rцntgenfelvйtellel can be defined by which the hands and the middle bones of the wrist are examined.

What can cause more advanced or retarded bone age than normal?

If there is a difference between bone age and the age of the child, then some - most often suspected hormonal diseases It creates. Not only is height higher / lower, but it is also usually associated with early / early puberty - says dr. Attila Tar, the endocrinologist of the Buda Endocrine Center. High body height, among others, is regulated by the growth hormone produced by the pituitary gland, so in the case of this problem, it is also important to check the level. Growth is also affected by hormones produced by the thyroid gland, as if too little T3 or T4 is present, luck can result in low growth and luck, the early adolescence, one of the symptoms of which is the temporarily high height (but the height of the end is lower). In contrast, early adolescent skin initially results in lower body height, but in the later stages it will have a normal range. ) to exclude any tumor. In this case, it may take place!