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What is a colt?

What is a colt?

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Every parent has encountered some form of stomach ache or knows parents who have a baby.

Not surprisingly, a baby is a baby, but about 15-25% of them are much more and much more common than others. However, when healthy babies have no signs or reasons at all - they are not sick, they are not hungry, they are not thirsty, they do not need to be cleansed, they are not tired, they are not warm, they are not cold, and so on. - but it is a sham, the phenomenon that professionals call cool. Actually, it is not a disease, but rather a condition, at least according to Dr. Harvey Karp, who has published a book and a DVD. However, recognizing the rabbit is by no means unambiguous to anyone, as it is a matter of deciding how much a tiny little person is subjective.

According to Dr Karp, rocking, buying, carrying is the best thing to do

Pediatricians generally call the "triple rule" method to help diagnose the rabbit. The intensity of the flushing usually starts at three weeks of age, lasts at least three times a day, occurs more than three days a week, and continues three times a week. The peak of the puppy's process is when the baby is 6-8 weeks old and settles in 3-4 months. push up your feet, and yell, as long as you do not have purple in your face, suggest it. In addition, children with rabies are more likely to breathe, and this has led doctors to the conclusion that symptoms are caused by bugs. According to Dr. Karp, the exact opposite is true, the child swells from the air swallowed in the middle of a dry mouth. Diversion can also be a good way to find out if the baby is suffering from pain or cold. "Belly will not go away if you dance or turn on the hairdryer, so if the distraction of the child gets better, it is obvious that you are not bloated or in pain," the specialist said.

What Causes Bully?

The cause of the development of the rabbit is still unknown, as is the reason why it manifests itself in someone, but not in others. According to some experts, this is a natural stage in the development of the baby, while others believe the bullet is caused by the breakdown of the bacterial balance in the intestine.

What can a rabbit do with his family?

Although the rabbit itself has no adverse health effects, it can easily upset the family's magic. Excessive crying can lead to giving up breastfeeding from your mother, or worse, just giving you medication, sometimes postpartum depression and breastfeeding. The puppy is very bearable for parents, but it is advisable to keep in mind that it is a transitional state. The good thing about hell is that there is nothing more to worry about, the child outgrows, but the bad thing is that there is practically not much to do.