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Is vaccination a mistake?

Is vaccination a mistake?

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Every change will bear a little bit of the family. Especially if the quiet nights or feedings are in jeopardy.

Is vaccination a mistake?

So, my baby is half day old. According to our pediatrician, there is nothing special about us and it hasn't happened to us until three months later we have received the first rotation protection. After that, her belly bounces a lot, squishes, and every other day she has a stomach that is like clay - gray and thick. Böbe is no fan of suckling since then, and his growth has stalled. You do not want to accept milk without breast milk, although you are not very forced. Eating more relaxed after Kakilás is more common and more enjoyable.A common complaint is that the color of the fawn changes at two to three months old, baby's bowels may be more volatile. It is perfectly logical for a parent or even a medical opinion that if the child is given a vaccine against rotavirus during this period, the vaccine may be a cold.
It is true that the process of bowel movement, the periodic "disorder" of co-ordinated movement, and the changing of the bowel at this time can be done in a part of infants. Vaccination against rotavirus is being given during this period of change, and it is believed that the consequence of vaccination is more frequent or, conversely, less frequent.

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It's also worth telling this complaint to the pediatrician, who will be watching the baby regularly, as in rare cases, it may be an organic disease in the background of a changed diet. For the most part, of course, this is not the case, and a three-to-seven-week probiotic therapy solves the problem. If that doesn't help, a baby does not grow for several weeks and has more severe stomach, then look for a child's gastroenterology.
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