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Migraine also graces the sober children

Migraine also graces the sober children

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The farther a child or adolescent is, the more likely he or she will have headaches. The severity of the seizures is also commensurate with the body, but it seems that losing weight will bring about the relief of pain - American researchers are suggesting.

According to the study, which took place in seven pediatric headache centers, 34.1 percent of patients were either overweight (17.5 percent) or at risk elhнzбs tekintetйben.

Losing weight can help eliminate headaches

These data are similar to those in non-headache children. The researchers analyzed data from 913 patients at the start of the study, then three and six months later, and convincing evidence was found. body weight and head-to-head relationship"Changes in body mass index (BMI) in toddlers who have already become overweight have been linked to a change in the frequency of headache" - he explained Dr. Andrew Hershey, director of research at the Cincinnati Children's Hospital Headquarters Center. Although Oki's correlation could not be demonstrated, there is a great deal of currency that overweight and headache similar environmental and physiological factors play a role.
According to Hershey, it would be important for physicians to consider the condition of patients when treating headache.


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