The Excitement of Shelling: When, Why, What Does it Mean?

The Excitement of Shelling: When, Why, What Does it Mean?

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What should I count and not when the birth begins? Excitement is not everyone's pain, but once in a while regular bullying time comes. The exciting moments of becoming inside, ie: What happens to the baby?

From the beginning of the journey to the outset

Stages of birth

The first stage of childbirth is the period of labor, the period of oviposition until it disappears. Determining the beginning of this stage is most difficult, and the process itself can be divided into several characteristic stages. The second major stage is the postpartum period, from the disappearance of the egg to the birth of the baby. Finally, the newborn is followed by the birth of the placenta. From the birth of the baby to the disappearance of the nest, the butterfly stage lasts. The process of childbirth is closed by the post-natal period, during which the bleeding diminishes, and the uterus begins to converge. It can be tied to regular periodicals for cubs, or a baby's opening can be a crack in the fetus. Other, regardless of the actual application of the cabbage, the emphasis is placed on the state of the body, its openness.

It's not an unambiguous start

The cobblestones, the shortness of the cervix, and the expansions of the mummy all indicate that the birth is sure to start, but the cobblestones themselves are so varied that women can only feel them. Of course, there are common signs and similar tendencies due to the regularity of the process. They are often alarming, but if you take a shower, walk, sleep or go to bed in the morning, it is still time. What are the signs of the onset of childbirth that indicate that the baby is about to arrive? Only about two-thirds of women begin to have regular breast or waistbreaks. Shortening of the cervix and lengthening of the mammary gland can occur without pain, so that only a specialist in the birth can feel the enlargement by hand. Many butter women are just now experiencing the first loss of cork. The cotter pin or cotter plug is released due to distension and absent from the cervix. This is right before the baby's birth, but can happen up to 8-10 days early. The nyбkcsap the hьvelyen keresztьl zselйs бllagъ, szнntelen or rуzsaszнn, kissй vйres vбladйk formбjбban ьrьl (tбgulбsi vйrzйs) .The szьlх women about tнz-hъsz szбzalйka йrzi the szьlйs kezdetйt the magzatvнz elfolyбsбbуl, when the amniotic sac every elхzmйny, fбjбs nйlkьl crack. The amniotic fluid sometimes only leaks, sometimes flowing in a warm, warm jet. If the baby's head is lowered and raised, it may block the fetal water passage, and although the envelope is open, the larynx may dry up. Cracking the sheath through the prostaglandin hormone potency may exacerbate existing weak lobules as you continue to grow.

The butter

Buttering is the longest stretch of labor. Almost always - 95% - the baby's head fits into the pool inlet, and the tail or other position is much less frequent. The head and the front of the sheath, the shroud cap, make the mesh feel comfortable with the softness. The height of the egg is defined in cm or finger width. The prostration lasts until the uterus disappears completely when touched, or until the largest circumference of the child's skull passes through the pelvic inlet.In the 19th century, it continues through the period of birth. In 1954 Friedman defined the transient or latent phase of the prostration, which lasted from the notoriously overexposed to the normal choice of fatigue. During this period, the ovum slowly and continuously extends from 1 to 2.5 cm, 1 to 2 inches. Firstborn females have about 20-21 ounces, multiplicating females have about 2-15 ounces. The tбgulбst kнsйrх йrzйsek not feltйtlenьl be unpleasant, kнnzуak but idхvel valуdi fбjбsokkб erхsцdnek, йs the pool alapjбtуl indulу йs kisugбrzу hъzу йrzйssel, derйkfбjбssal pбrosulnak.A mйhnyak hormonhatбsra tцrtйnх felpuhulбsa йs йrйse you have already taken kezdetйt utolsу days of vбrandуssбg the sacral irбnyban, йs kйsхbb sa condition of proper action.


The next part of the butterfly runs from regular milking to the disappearance of the uterus, indicating the onset of childbirth. This period of exertion is 6-12 hours for the first one, and 4-8 hours for the multiple. Constipations can be caused by low tension, diarrhea, nausea. In the time of the cochlea, the abdominal wall hardens and then relaxes again after 15-60 seconds. Initially, it takes 8-10 minutes between the ferns. Be sure to help your pregnant mother if they follow each other every 5 minutes. At the same time, a mild bleeding, dripping stream may indicate the loss of the cervical spine. As the coccyx is shortened, the fibroids are shorter, and the cervix is ​​shorter. The concussions press on the fetus head to the uterus, and its extension is further extended. The cavity's special, numerous, spooky phobia is gradually smoothing out. Pressures on the mechanoreceptors in the uterus stimulate oxytocin production in the hypothalamus (Ferguson-reflex).

Cracking, strong lobes

The cervix is ​​under pressure during the cephalopods. The contractions flush the amniotic fluid over the ever-expanding lumen, thus embedding it in the lumen, thereby contributing to the lumen of the lumen. Throughout the ascendant fetus the protuberance protruding from the fetal membrane was protruding from the fetal membrane. Spontaneous cracking of the envelope usually occurs when the mucosa is almost completely over. The baby's face is below the sacrum, with his shoulders transverse to the pelvis. The timing of the mantle rupture allows the amniotic fluid to protect the baby's head from the uterus until the last minute. (Prostaglandins the terhessйg vйgйn йs the szьletйskor the mйhlepйnyben kйpzхdnek. Prostaglandin produced in mйh posts by these people hormone felelхs tцbbek kцzцtt the mйhszбj йrйsййrt, felpuhulбsбйrt well.) The prostaglandin termelйs nцvekedйse kцzvetetten it eredmйnyezi that mйhizomzat йrzйkenyebben reagбl of oxytocin, which egyйbkйnt rhythmically , pulsating in the bloodstream. Oxytocin and prostaglandin, acting on the intercellular connections, combine to make the muscles of the uterus stronger than ever before. As if we were spraying more fuel into an engine. From here, the intensification of the pain. As the breaks between the cuffs are shortened, the length of the cuffs increases; 15-20 seconds at first, end to 30-45 seconds and more and more powerful. When there is no pain between the two concatenations, the cervix is ​​smoothed and collapsed. Why this is so important will turn out shortly. Feeling tired can sometimes come from both physical and psychological causes, but it can come down to something banal and start over again.

Baby help gestures

The baby is the widest in head and shoulders. Passing through these sections seems to be almost impossible in tight passages, and it will normally stop happening anyway. The distance between the upper end of the eyelid and the back wall of the pelvis is only 1.5 cm in the upright or crouching posture, but upright 6.5 cm. If the mother is in an upright position, the child's head has more space, which is also advisable because the child's gravitational movement in the canal will also help. The mother also feels that she is more comfortable with bent knees, leaning slightly or sitting up. It is good for the mother to move freely during labor, always choosing the most comfortable, most useful position, sometimes an upright, even lowering position. Doing so can alleviate your pain. If you need some rest, you can lie down, but this will not be your natural parenting position.

Temporary resuscitation

The stretching phase can be preceded by a relatively short phase of 1-2 urras when the contractions are not amplified, but are followed every 2-3 minutes. This is the most demanding part of the birth, the greatest physical exertion. At the end of this stage, the remaining 2-3 cm of the remainder of the mucosa is completely erupted and then disappears. After that, a short pause in the baby's breasts will allow the mother to rest, rest and gain strength. The short but very active phase of exercise, the withdrawal phase, is about to end and the baby will be born.Related articles in parenting:


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