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After childbirth: the help of the gothic

After childbirth: the help of the gothic

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What do you need to pay attention to as soon as you regenerate your dams? We have collected the most important information.

Gb's more polish

The routinely applied incision WHO is one of the most cumbersome practices to be eliminatedwhich is neither good for the mother nor for the baby. If a line is to be called for, the health organization recommends that it should only be used in the event of an unexpected complication, a medical emergency. Even so, it is important that the parents receive adequate information about the intervention.

Where is the dam?

The dam is the sleeve and the end-to-end rain area that is of muscle massthat can be shifted and opened. During the expansion phase, the baby's head will stretch into this area and, if there is time and the baby is not hurried, will naturally support this elastic tissue.Mariann (36 years old) The mother of such children is the best example of this in my immediate environment. When asked what information he had about the benefit of the barrage and how he had fostered the barrier that had developed in the next generation, he was surprised to say, "I was not pleased." He also added that he was fortunate enough to have a mother and a doctor.

Gauge - the most common surgical procedure

THE obstetric surgery is the most common surgical intervention during childbirth, which means a 2-6 cm long, 1-2 cm deep notch on the dorsal fins. 80% of first-born women participate in this routine intervention in our country.However and when it comes to it, several factors can influence how baby's weight and size, mother's ability to prepare from the canal. Healing of the wound primarily depends on the length and depth of the wound. Fortunately, inflammation of this area occurs very rarely, because the blood supply, the tendency to heal is very good: the swelling rises within a few days, At the same time, there is a gradual change in who has tension, arousal sensation, and when they want to have complete relief. Now let's look at how we can help heal this area!

Protect the wound!

To prevent infection of the wound, a for the hygiene of the barn ьgyelni. An important basic rule is that during the maternity period always keep it dry It is worthwhile to prepare for the hospital so that we can safely use public toilets after birth. In drugstores, you can buy a disposable paper toilet bowl cover to prevent infection. Keeping a Wet Wipe on Your Own As health care institutions are increasingly susceptible to the possibility of infection, you can purchase it in your pharmacy pharmacy non-wound dressing. It is practical to select products that can be handled quickly and easily (metering pump) with ingredients that also promote wound healing. Let's see if the product can be used for gut treatment and during breastfeeding!

Cleanliness, half health!

Worth twice to three times daily (but at least following a narrow scan) with lukewarm water. Ьgyeljьnk but not to hasznбljunk irritбlу kйszнtmйnyeket, tusfьrdхt szappant.Kerьljьk or bad minхsйgы, kidцrzsцlйst okozу toilet papнrokat, also йs tцrцlkцzйskor tцrekedjьnk the vнz felitatбsбra.Ne dцrzsцljьk, irritбljuk wound kцrnyйkйt! Hasznбljunk handy during the gyermekбgyi folyбs time jу, moisturizing pads and panty pads, which are well ventilated, washable quickly and do not need to be tampered with.

Simple but effective: relax!

We try to follow the burial or incision more relax, lie down. Even walking can be painful in the first few days. We choose the position on the stomach many times at bedtime and put a cushion under our stomach. Living can be quite unpleasant. Great help in this case ьlхgyыrыwhich relieves this area and promotes wound regeneration.


It is a great help in the first lambs after birth, when we pack jйgkockбkat And put it on the wound. You can make the cubes gyуgynцvйnyfхzetbхl also: an extra choice for this is the carnivore or the ghost Ingeborg Stadelmann The baby answers in his book. At the moment, care must be taken to never put ice directly on the wound! If the cold can completely penetrate the bond, then the chiller must be completed.

Use the power of herbs!

It is a common practice for us to prohibit women for 6 weeks, but cautious outdoor activities are recommended by many people after birth. Ingeborg Stadelmann a Dead Sea Suw And the kitty illуolajokkal made baths swear to healing power. The gyуgynцvйnyek йs illуolajok kцzьl lavender, rуzsa, rуzsamuskбtli, pбsztortбska, kцrцmvirбg, zsбlya or yarrow is jу vбlasztбs ehhez.A chamomile erхsen szбrнtу hatбsъ, however, does not recommend early нgy gyermekбgyas idхszakban hasznбlatбt.A gyуgyulу difficult wounds to kenхcsцs borogatбs also very jуt It does. Applying pure, high quality cumin and blackened ointment can help.


It is also worthwhile to take advantage of the beneficial effects of the gymnastics gymnastics after birth. You can learn intimacy exercises today with countless courses and books to help you regain the flexibility of this area as soon as you can. Don't hurry, give yourself time to regenerate!
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