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Fears during pregnancy

Fears during pregnancy

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What are we afraid of? Science can still organize this. Let's see!

Fears during pregnancy

It causes anxiety, anxiety:
- if we feel that we cannot influence our situation;
- if you are unpredictable, which will happen to us;
- if we are ahead of the task beyond our capabilities;
- if something happens that endangers our image;
- if our lives are burdened with internal conflict (that is, we want something, we do not want it at all). Waiting and parenting, family choices and parenting certainly have all these opportunities. In fact, the whole sack-cat, despite the fact that our mothers and fathers, with their many millennial experience, are doing it for us. Certainly inconclusive, since nature takes the reins, shapes our body, our state of mind, divides our time - parenting does not see the calendar.It is unreliable because we do not know what will happen to us. How are we going to cope with sin? With children, we can be prepared for both. We may feel that life has surpassed our abilities: we will not bear the pain and labor of childbirth and the burdens of having a baby. And our name? Until now, I thought I was a stable, capable, determined and clean-headed woman - and now it turns out that my feelings play with me the way they want. Is that always the case? Do I want this at all, or would you still like to stay with my mom as a little girl? They do not indicate inadequacy of maternity, but merely that we are now writing, difficult internal work necessary to accept huge changes. In general, there is no problem if we are afraid - but it is not good if our fears remain in us and do not encourage us to seek comfort or a solution. This is a great time for a serious chat with our couple, our parents, our grandma or our friends. If that doesn't help, you shouldn't go to a psychologist.

Little fools

Sometimes we get trapped in fear because we think that because of such things, a normal person cannot be distressed. It doesn't matter if we know that women make women incredibly sensitive. It may even be strange that even signs, sins, and superstitions that seem mysterious are beginning to work - even if we had been so daring in all esoteric ways. we are close to the origin of life and death, so let's look at the world at a different age, too. Our dreams, random coincidences, a sentence in our ears - like any of our friends, even the words of our doctor - are of special significance to us. you are familythat one of our great-grandchildren's children did not die in adulthood - though we know by now that forty-sixty years was not a rare loss of a child. We may fear servitude situations that are very rare with our mothers: that the water of the fetus goes out in public, that we cannot control our senses in the midst of birth. For us, though, these feelings can be definite, so feel like anyone else we can say would be nice, though, you are not normal ... others also suffer from them. Let's see what we can recall from your good ten year bill!

The stomach has a slack place

I enjoyed the last third of my adventures the most, because at that time my belly was huge and it was quite obvious that a significant sized baby was growing inside. Wonderful, hand-catching and undeniable proof that I am expecting a baby, making a real big deal. Even so, even in the weeks before birth, she still visited a region, many times I return: I was born with a big tummy. Writing in the hospital, I wondered what I was looking for in the living room. I was hesitant to point to my stomach that he had a thousand. But until then, nothing seemed like the size of a melon's relief. Even though I was able to get to birth, I brought a mostly small white mouse. Usually sweating, I was awake awake, and for days I had the horrible sensation that my belly had disappeared from my childhood. As strange as it may be, in my time at home, it was my most common and most frustrating fear: once it turns out, the whole thing isn't true, I'm not pregnant, no kid in my stomach, just dreaming of health. As if I was afraid they could take away from me this wonderful sensation, my huge belly, and the little kid she's so good with. I hardly appreciated the impatience of the little ones who were looking forward to having a baby. And most of all, I would have liked to extend this status for a long time.
W. Ungvбry Renбta

I can't have a kid ...

Although I am not anxious, on several occasions I have been given a blur that has settled in the first few months of baby breastfeeding, and it took me a while to get out of there. One of the little "mustaches" mumbled from the dermatologist, who was anxiously suffering from an acne-prone adolescent at the time: "in such a hormonal condition ... w ring, out of the palm), the rest have "seen" a few babies, while still knowing the genders. However, neither earthly nor earthly signs indicated that any one of my children would ever be born. These two things sounded so coincidental that - although I'm quite a jerk type - sometimes there is a certain sense of fear: the doctor's and the friends' goodness is proven I won't be able to carry the little one. Finally, I have reassured my family: such children are proof that I hate teenagers, even in the light of the turf.
Judit Szхdy