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Advantages of Exercise under Exercise - Tips and Advice from Exercise Therapists

Advantages of Exercise under Exercise - Tips and Advice from Exercise Therapists

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After pregnancy is confirmed, many mothers tend to stop exercising regularly. It is indeed free, and even recommended, to exercise during the months of your fitness.

Advantages of Movement under Expectation

For physical activity there are many advantages to both baby and mom. For safe exercise Németh Vivien, a physiotherapist at the Medical Center for Life, gives advice.

Sporty pregnant mother, healthier child

According to a study by the Kansas University Medical School, during the trial 30 minutes a day moderate intensity exercise can do a lot for your baby's health. In the study, comparing the data of regularly trained puppies with less active puppies during pregnancy, it was found that children born in the first group had a positive effect of movement. Children were more responsive to the effects of stress, and they performed better on neurosurgical examinations. Exercise during pregnancy will also be reversible in the expectation of active motherhood and heart disease will be reduced esйlye.

Movement, pregnancy is a move against complaints

Regular exercise can also be recommended for pregnant women, with many benefits. Among others, higher energy levels, greater stress biztosнt. It helps to maintain a balanced state of mind, which we admit will become increasingly necessary as advancement progresses. Exercise can help prevent excessive weight gain, bloating and stiffness. It improves blood circulation, reduces the chance of varicose veins. Gymnastics strengthens the muscles, which also helps to fight back pain. Of course, in a blessed state, properly set up and executed edzйsterv, so if you want to train, make sure you seek the help of a qualified movement therapist.

What do you need to pay more attention to in coaches?

It is always worth knowing what we want to achieve. For pregnant women, the goal is not to increase fitness, to increase weight or performance, but to improve fitness, hello and keep it. That is why it is important for coaches to pay attention to the following:
  • The heart rate never exceeds 140, which must be carefully measured in the training session. You can get heart rate monitors for this purpose in many places.
  • The body temperature should never rise excessively or become hot. Do not "relocate" and avoid hot, airless places. That's why a gym is always a good choice, for example, where you always have the power to go.
  • It is always warmed up and it is very important to fire it at the end of the exercise to avoid injuries.
  • Never be overwhelmed, stay in our comfort.
  • Let's drink enough water, at least half a liter of water between us.
  • Ensure good ventilation, comfortable shoes, and clothing.
  • During the second trimester, the center of gravity begins to shift, so if your tummy grows, you should be careful not to lose your balance.
  • The trainer should preferably be under the supervision of a professional, since she is the one who can help the pregnant mother if she needs any support, advice, or help.

How Many Coaches Are Recommended for a Little Baby?

When adjusting the workout plan, the right workout, and the type of exercise you should always pay attention to how active was before pregnancy - advises Németh Vivien, a motion therapist at the Center for Living Medicine. It is important to always balance your workout routine! If you have never trained, be sure to seek the advice of a physiotherapist. If you are active in sports before becoming pregnant, this activity can be continued with moderate intensity, but in this case, it is important that the expert coordinates the exercise, because during the baby-blood period you need to pay more attention to sports.


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